How to get anything you want with 1 secret

You know those people who seem to get anything and everything they want?

Think back to the significant times in your life. There was always someone who seemed to get everything handed to them while you were working your a** off to get the bare minimum.

It’s easy to sit there and think… they just have that special “thing”, and I don’t. Well, that special thing can be learned with 1 secret.

I’m talking about getting ANYTHING you want, when you want it…

If you’ve ever read a self-help book, you’ll be familiar with the concept surround this secret, but 99% of the time, those books don’t reveal what this secret and I don’t think any of them show you how to use it.

But I want to expose their secret to you, because I know you’re serious about it.

The secret all these people use is persuasion.

Persuasion is the one trait that can get you ANYTHING you want… if you know how to use it.

Politicians use it, motivational speakers use it, businessmen use it; it’s a universal tool that applies to anything and everything you do.

Persuasion can help you achieve your goals in many ways, whether you’re at the bank getting a loan, presenting your work to a customer, or applying for a new job.

The art of persuasion is founded upon 3 basic principles:

Principle #1: Confidence

Confidence is probably the most important aspect of persuasion.

If you’re confident in your ideas and the words you’re speaking, they’ll appear a lot more believable and trustworthy to the other party.

Self-confidence is also a strong trait, because if you don’t believe in yourself, your presentation will come off weak.

Principle #2: Directness

The quicker you make your point, the more appealing it’ll be.

Whatever it is you’re presenting, create a 1-2 sentence thesis that covers the main idea, and present that first.

This will start your presentation in its strongest possible position. Don’t try to build up to the main point, because you’ll lose the concentration of your audience.

Get straight to the point and leave the cumbersome facts for your follow-up points.

Principle #3: Positivity

Positivity goes hand in hand with confidence. Without confidence, the positivity will seem forced.

Focus on only the most positive aspect of the idea that you’re presenting, and refrain from giving your listener any sniff of negativity.

A lot of people tend to weigh in the negatives when presenting an idea. I don’t think they should be mentioned at all.

It doesn’t make any sense to present any hint of negativity in your approach, because that’ll most likely be what your audience focuses on.

These three concepts are vital to the success of your persuasive efforts, and they’re so simple to master when broken down.

If you can master these three concepts, you’ll gain the art of persuasion in no time, and you’ll soon notice that you really can get ANYTHING you want.

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