How to get more out of your workday

It’s one thing to show up to work on time, but it’s another to arrive at the start of your shift with enough motivation to tackle what needs to get done by the end of the day.

And if you’re a business owner who doesn’t have a boss barking orders over your shoulder, then it’s even more difficult to get your work output where it needs to be.

Whether you’re an employee or employer, the effects of procrastination and loss of focus can cost you.

That’s why I’ve listed a few helpful tips on how to get your level of productivity on point.

If you’re barely into your 9-5 and already in need of an energy boost, the fix you’re looking for may be closer than you think.

No, I’m not referring to caffeine (even though that’s one of the oldest pick-me-up tricks in the book).

It may sound counterproductive, but the key is to actually take a break from work…

According to a study conducted by the University of Illinois, giving yourself a few 10 to 15 minute breathers throughout the day can positively impact your focus and performance.

These small diversions almost act as a reset button that can cause you to accomplish more than if you were to power through an entire shift without ever letting off the gas.

After all, we’re only human and our brains can only handle so much. If you’re overloading your mind with endless work, it’ll eventually call it quits.

Another easy way to increase efficiency around the office is to incorporate a bit of exercise into your daily routine.

Believe it or not, research shows that getting a workout in prior to knocking out what’s on your agenda bumped up work performance by a total of 21%!

Just by lifting weights or going for a quick run in the morning you can get almost a quarter more of the things done than usual.

Atmosphere also plays a role in productivity as well.

Sure, sufficient lighting, neutral colors and a clean and orderly appearance can all help get you in the zone.

But out of all the different ways to make the most out of your workspace, furnishing the place with plants happens to be the one that’s most commonly overlooked.

I know it sounds like a stretch, but the results from a scientific study at the University of Exeter proved that offices with plants saw as much as a 15% improvement rate in overall work output in comparison to spaces without.

Without getting too bogged down with all the details, just know that plants have a tendency to reduce stress, improve air quality and even cut down on noise levels.

If you ask me, that’s a fair enough trade-off.

Well, there you have it… As you can see, it doesn’t require much to take your work output to the next level.

Sometimes all you have to do is take a few breaks, exercise or add a little green to the office.

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