How to get paid from their sales

Jim_SamsonWhen you think about starting a business, the first thing that probably comes to mind is the product, but what you don’t know is that part is already done for you…

Don’t let the idea of a magical product keep you from taking in weekly paychecks. This business blueprint sets you up so you can get paid from the sales of another company’s products…

I’m not talking about affiliate marketing either… What I’m going to show you will set you up with your very own business using somebody else’s product.

All the hard work is already done for you…

I’m talking about distributorships.

Distributorships come in many shapes and sizes. You can own a distribution company that focuses on one product or you can use your distribution business to sell a multitude of products.

For first time distribution businesses, I’d recommend focusing on a single product before you branch out into other areas.

The first question you’ll probably ask is which product will make me the most money?

It’s actually a fairly easy question to answer if you understand the right way to look at it.

First, you need to step outside the mindset of which product you prefer, and think about the hungry market.

Just because you would buy something, it doesn’t mean thousands of other people will—and that’s where your income will stem from.

That’s not to say that you should pick a product that you don’t fully believe in, you just have to do a small bit of research.

There’s many creative ways to find the best product for your new distributorship. Take James Allard, for example…

James spent quite a bit of time in Japan after falling in love with Japanese culture. When it was time for James to come back, he had a great idea.

He realized that there was a hole in the American market in the form of electric hand dryers.

In the Western Hemisphere, we usually just use hand towels in our homes to dry our hands, but that’s where James saw opportunity.

He decided to take a popular Japanese product—the Mitsubishi electric hand dryer—and bring it over to America in order to distribute it.

That company that James started turned into a multi-million-dollar company after grossing $1.1 million in its first year.

You see, James thought outside the box in many ways. He became used to using the product first-hand in Japan, and when he returned to America he realized that the American people were missing out.

He found a hole in the market, and filled it with an already existing product.

I’m not saying that you need to go live in a different country to find your ideal product, but you need to place yourself in a different setting in order to think outside the box.

Hop on the internet and get a taste of different international cultures in order to find out if there’s anything you can import and distribute.

If you find the right product, the costs will be covered by sales, and you could end up running a multi-million-dollar company by selling somebody else’s product.

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