How to profit off property during next 2008

Did you know regular people like you and I were profiting off property during the 2008 housing crash?

They weren’t short selling stocks or anything like that; I’m talking about a simple real estate technique that would’ve driven a solid income into your account when everybody else was losing out.

Please don’t let your scars from 2008 stop you from making a real estate killing… especially when the next 2008 hits.

I know I talk a lot about how much money you could’ve made by short selling stocks during the crash—and I still stand by that—but this technique deals completely with property.

And it’s nothing complicated, either.

It’s one of the most common real estate techniques used worldwide, and I talk about it all the time… but today I want to show you exactly why you would’ve been paid heavily by doing this during 2008.

More importantly, I’m going to show you how you can prepare yourself for profits during the next crash with this exact technique.

Obviously, in the immediate years following 2008, a lot of people lost their homes and were too scared to buy any more property in fear of the same exact thing happening again.

Where do you think these people lived during these years?

Some probably lived with families, sure, but the majority of these people turned to renting.

It’s a bit morbid talking about profiting off the fact that people lost their homes, but you’re providing them with a safe shelter that’ll help them avoid going broke a second time… and you’re making a well-deserved profit as you do it.

I know I go on and on about rental properties, but, clearly, I haven’t convinced you 100%… that’s why you’re still coming to me for real estate advice.

I’m hoping I can give you that small nudge in the right direction, so you can start reeling in those real estate profits.

But, anyway, back to 2008.

Take a look at some of these numbers:

Between 2000 and 2010, rents increased by 12%…

Obviously, owning rental properties would’ve seen that cash drip into your bank account between those years.

Ok, great… we’ve covered the fact that rental rates climbed right the way through 2008 without a scratch, but what about vacancy rates?

In late 2007, and leading into early 2008, rental vacancy rates were sitting around 7.87%. That’s because everybody was buying homes up until this point.

Why would you rent when you can get approved for a low-rate mortgage in seconds (and contribute to the rapidly expanding bubble that ultimately popped and rained hell on earth)?

You wouldn’t.

In late 2007, everybody and their mother were homeowners with burdensome mortgages.

It wasn’t until these people started becoming delinquent on their mortgages that people turned to renting.

Between 2008 and 2015, rental vacancy rates dropped 25% to around 5.85%.

That makes perfect sense to me… People moved out of their homes during/after the crash and moved into rental properties decreasing the rental vacancy rate. All the evidence is there.

On top of all this, the cost of rent increases twice as fast as the growth of the average income in some cities.

So, what are you going to do before the next 2008 rolls around?

Your answer should be: “I’m going to invest in rental property so I can make a massive profit instead of losing everything I own to the greedy banks.”

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