How to retire 10 years early

I’ve never understood why people hold off until retirement age to take the leap. Most of the time, their prolonged retirements aren’t any more lavish than they would’ve been had they retired early…

But that’s because they don’t know about this process that allows you to retire 10 years early.

Follow along closely, and you can take that lavish leap prematurely!

In preparation for retirement, most people are told to take their hard-earned cash and invest it into a 401(k), a mutual fund, or some other retirement fund that slowly and “safely” produces a small monetary return.

Plain and simple, these people are paying some “expert” to place their money into some “outperforming” fund only to hear that they aren’t allowed to touch it until they’re 65 years old, unless they want it to be heavily taxed.

My question is: Why pay somebody else to hold your inaccessible money when, with our simple key, you could handle your own money, control your investments, and access your hard-earned cash whenever you please?! Not to mention you will be unlocking your retirement at least 10 years early.

This is a no-brainer, as you’ll soon see.

The financial knowledge needed to understand this simple concept is extremely basic. You don’t even need any prior experience to get started.

To start, what is a mutual fund?

A mutual fund is a pool of money collected from thousands of people and placed into things like bonds, stocks, securities, and real estate. You don’t have any control of what is bought and sold within this fund. You leave it to the professionals who don’t care whether you’re able to retire at 65—never mind 55.

Imagine your particular invested fund is like a chocolate cake. All of the investors contribute equally to baking the cake. Enter: the fund managers. These managers are the ones with the knife that cuts the cake.

They cut the cake in half and put 50% of it on their plate. They then continue to cut the other 50% into equal portions and divide it amongst you and the thousands of other people who are participating in this fund. Once the shares are divided, the fund managers lick the knife and take their 50%, leaving no crumbs.

Wouldn’t you prefer to eat the whole cake? You don’t even have to eat it in one sitting. Eat as much as you like and put the rest away for tomorrow. It’s YOUR cake.

A 401(k) works in a very similar way. They advertise that the tax benefits are magnificent and when you reach 65 you’ll be thrilled by your results. But why wait until your 65? At 65 your slice of cake will be stale and barely edible. At 55 your cake will still be warm from the oven. And if you choose to start contributing too late there’ll be no growth at all.

I’m talking no beach, no waves, no sun; just you and your aching bones from a long day of work.

So, ask yourself the most important question: Would you rather pay someone else to manage and mismanage your hard-earned income, or would you rather use our tried and tested key to unlock your freely flowing income as you sit back on the beach with a drink in your hand and not a worry on your mind?


The list of investment opportunities that avoid those scenarios is endless. Just by following one of these very simple and quick techniques you could be holding the key that unlocks your retirement 10 years early before you know it.

You could direct your attention toward a nice profitable piece of real estate that could be rented out or sold for a quick profit with a miniscule down-payment.

For example, let’s say that you’re 20 years away from a standard retirement. This little real estate trick will cut those 20 years down to 10 with an easy-to-read formula.

Now, you’ve found a small property worth $60,000. With a down payment of $5,000, your monthly payments would be trimmed down to around $240.

The next step will come in the form of renting out your property. $1,000 a month should easily do the trick and will open up your prospective renters to a wide range of people. Once rented out, your monthly profit amounts to $760 per month.

10 years forward when you’re looking into retirement, this investment will have yielded a grand profit of $91,200. All this considering you stick to just one property, but once you see how easy the profits roll in, you’ll find that you’ll be looking to expand your investment. Duplicate your successful technique and your profits will do the same: $182,400. All of this from a measly $5,000 down-payment.

Real estate is just one avenue you can explore to retire 10 years early. Another one is to take advantage of the abundance of stocks that are so obviously on the rise.

As our Midas Wave Alerts subscribers will already know, there are plenty of ways to manage your own investments profitably.

Using either of these strategies can force your retirement to come 10 years early, while all your peers sweat and grind, wondering how you got “so lucky.”

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