How YOU can be a business hero in one step

Starting a business and keeping it up and running is no easy feat.

It may feel impossible to keep rolling with the punches when important things like brand recognition and customer retention are on the line.

But how can you manage keeping customers happy while trying to earn a profit?

It’s simple. With this easy trick I’m about to give you, you can become a business hero while reaping huge profits at the same time.

I’m sure you’ve seen splashy news stories where the latest insider scandal has taken out a business at the knees.

Big names like Nike and Chick Fil A have teams of strategists to navigate their marketing plans, and it’s their job to keep the brand name away from bad publicity.

Small business owners don’t experience this as much, but in an age of technology where most everything is public information, even smaller-scale products can come under fire.

Negative attention can damage profits beyond repair, and you may fear the day when the accusing spotlight rests on you.

I’m here to help make sure that doesn’t happen.

Once you’ve got yourself established as a business, meaning you’ve got a product and buyers willing to pay for it, it’s easy to fall underwater.

If you should ever encounter controversy, or ridicule, or any of the things that used to happen in embarrassing dreams, I have some golden advice for you.

Pick a side.

I know this may feel unnecessarily polarizing, but research shows that customers often return to companies that have voiced their opinions and stuck to their identity.

Think about it, are you more likely to trust a business owner that tells you straight up how they feel about something? Or would you rather a politician’s answer, that changes every day like the weather?

Customers like consistency. As do employees.

If they feel they know how you as the business owner will react to an unexpected event, they’re more likely to return to you, cash in hand.

So, while this may seem daunting, remember that businesses are people. Once you break them down and take a look inside, each brand has a face behind it.

The key to retaining your client base and continuing to make money is to be someone they trust.

Research also shows that companies with public identities and unwavering opinions actually draw more customers, due to the chances that they are like-minded.

This makes you not only a successful business owner, but you can be the next business hero on the market.

Small businesses often get stepped on by larger names with more reputable brands.

Don’t let that, or wishy-washy public images, stand in the way of you and your profits.

Getting your customers to trust you, and keeping that trust, is the most crucial step to building a money-making empire.

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