Illuminates the $600,000 you’re owed

Jim_SamsonHow would you feel if I told you that every time you went to the bank in the past 30 years you dropped money on the floor and the government picked it up before you knew it was gone?

You’d probably tell me that they’re taking enough money from you in taxes and that you’ll be more careful next time, right?

What you should be asking is: How do I get it back?

You could have up to $600,000 of what’s rightfully yours returned to your bank account tomorrow. This one simple search engine will do all the work…

Just because the government found your lost money, doesn’t mean they’ll stop you from retrieving it, they just won’t be so vocal about it.

There’s no notice in the mail informing you of your dropped money. You’ve got better chances of a stranger finding your wallet and bringing it to your house with all your cash intact.

But there’s a secret way of finding out exactly how much you’re owed with a very simple search engine. You could be looking at up to $600,000 that you rightfully earned.

In 2007, the Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation (PBGC) reported $133 million in unclaimed pension benefits. So clearly you’re not the only one dropping this money, but you’ll be one of the only ones who decide to pick it up.

When you subscribe to our Midas Premium monthly newsletter, we’ll let you in on the big secret that could retrieve your lost pension and expedite your path to retirement as a FREE bonus.

To prevent losing your money like this in the future, be sure to immediately notify your employer when you have a change of address or last name.

Also, keep a close eye on the ownership of the company you work for. When a company changes hands, it’s not guaranteed that your retirement money will too.

There’s so much money out there to be reclaimed.

What are you waiting for? Take two minutes on your lunch break today and reclaim what’s rightfully yours!

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