Improves your business productivity by 28%!

There’s no doubt that email has improved the day-to-day workflow of businesses from all over the world.

It’s literally transformed the way employees and employers communicate with each other to get the job done.

Everything in moderation though, right?

Email can be a valuable tool, but it can also cause major setbacks if not managed properly.

As a current or potential business owner, you NEED to take control of your inbox if you want to push the efficiency of your business to the next level.

Otherwise, it’ll take control of you instead…

Possibly the best way to get in charge of your business communications is to batch incoming and outgoing messages into specific time frames.

Rather than allowing email to interrupt your routine, schedule two or three 15-minute windows where you can read and respond to work-related content throughout the day.

Believe it or not, studies show that 28% of your time is wasted from these interruptions alone!

In the same way your ETA increases on a road trip with more frequent stops, so does the time it takes to complete a work project when you’re constantly being bombarded by emails.

Experts claim that it takes about half an hour or so to focus your brain and “get into the zone”.

But how do you ever expect to reach this productive state of mind when a nonstop flow of notifications are always heading your way?

According to a recent survey, the average office worker receives about 90 emails PER DAY!

That’s more than 10 messages for every hour of your 9-5 shift and plenty of time to pull you away from what you’re trying to wrap up before you clock-out.

You’re not obligated to immediately get back to every single one of the people who delivered a message to your inbox. In reality, they can almost always afford to wait.

Solely concentrate on the task at hand without having to deal with being repeatedly distracted by your email. Afterwards, you can get back to these messages at a time that’s convenient for you.

It may seem a bit oversimplified, but getting in the habit of batching your emails is proven to increase efficiency.

Instead of tending to 90 emails as soon as they roll in, designate a few time frames to tackle these communications.

Doing so will allow you to remain focused and improve the overall functionality of your business.

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