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Sean BowerUnemployment is now the lowest it’s been in 7 years after once again adding at least 200,000 jobs for the 12th straight month.

However, wages have only gained by 2% when many had expected them to rise by as much as 4%—a disappointment in the eyes of most.

But what if you could increase your income by as much as 36% no matter how much or little your wages increased…?

Unemployment is now at just 5.5%, which is very encouraging when you consider that figure was at 6.7% just a year ago.

But as I stated before, the level of wage acceleration is lagging behind by a considerable amount…

If job growth continues, wage increases should follow close behind according to many economists, yet even last month showed us a continued disconnect between job creation and wage rises.

If you ask me, you can’t just sit around and wait on the economy to provide the wage boost that’s expected—2.2% wage growth has been the peak per month going all the way back to March of last year!

That’s why taking your income into your own hands is much more appealing for those looking to better their financial situation.

Even if wages were increasing at a solid rate, why not also increase your annual return by 20%, 30%, or more?

That’s where smart investing comes in—the kind of investing that’s proven, simple, and can be counted on…

Now, what if you could get all of that from just investing in 1 security that’s got a proven track record of 36% annual return over several decades?

Go ahead and switch over to the Retirement Calculator tab right on The Midas Legacy site and see how an annual return of 36% could change your outlook on when you could retire…

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