Increases your productivity by 50%!

Are you an aspiring entrepreneur or someone who’s already got a business plan in the works?

If your goal is to become self-employed and generate enough income to support yourself, the trick may be to focus less on your career progression and more on your own well-being.

Whether you realize it or not, productivity and success in the workplace go hand-in-hand with your outlook on life.

That said, here are some advantages to bringing an appreciative mindset into your current practice or soon to be startup.

Studies have shown that people who demonstrate appreciation or gratitude on a daily basis experience far less stress and more happiness.

Each of these qualities extend outside of personal life and into enhanced performance at work.

Just viewing your day-to-day objectives through a glass-half-full lens has been proven to increase productivity by as much as 50%!

And the same goes for the staff under you…

A recent Glassdoor Employee Appreciation survey revealed that 4 out of 5 workers are motivated to work harder when they receive appreciation for their work.

This isn’t rocket science though.

As human beings, it’s in our nature to crave this kind of recognition and respect. We’re simply hardwired for it.

When people feel connected to the bigger picture and purposeful at the office, they perform better. It’s that simple.

Expressing appreciation for what goes as planned on the business side of things and learning how to overcome the unexpected obstacles that hinder you from achieving your goals is priceless.

When you’re in heightened modes of stress and anxiety, you’re often focused on what could go wrong rather than recognizing solutions that are right in front of you or even seeing what’s already functioning properly.

Simply put, the more you see the more you get done.

It’s proven that the individuals who regularly practice gratitude have better mental alertness, enthusiasm, energy and happiness at the office.

So, why not make an effort to inject a little more appreciation into your life?

If not for your own sake of well-being and happiness, then for your business venture as a whole.

A great way to adopt this optimistic mindset is to start a gratitude journal.

This is as easy as making note of what you’re thankful for workwise and then using it as fuel for the future.

The act of writing down the good and visualizing success can work wonders for your business as you move forward.

Keep this in mind and see for yourself how positivity can influence the work you produce both in and out of the workplace.

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