It’s time to get ‘Real Estate Smart’ and rake in $13k

If you were an early investor in the smart phone, how much money would you have made?

If you were an early investor in the smart tv, how much money would you have made?

If you were an early investor in the smart watch, how much money would you have made?

An early investment in any of those would’ve netted you a pretty penny. But what do they all have in common?

They’re all smart… that’s why I’m extremely confident you’ll be happy when you cash in your $13k from the latest smart tech…

I’m talking about smart homes…

You might be wondering—what are smart homes?

Smart homes are hard to put a single label on. They comprise of items like voice activated music, security cameras, tvs, you name it. It means automatic lights, self-starting coffee, automatic blinds, smart televisions…you name it.

Basically, a smart home is made to allow for the easy installation of all the latest tech meant to make your life easy.

Sounds great, right?

It really is, when it means that homes will be able to take care of just about everything for you—from telling you when its time to wake up to modulating the temperature throughout the day to meet your perfect needs—but that means that the real estate game is changing yet again.

With this new concept of smart homes on the rise, more and more people are narrowing their interest to new homes only. People want homes that are already filled with the latest tech, or at the very least have the outlets and capabilities to easily install everything upon purchase or rental.

Whether you’re in real estate or not, I can tell you exactly where the money is going.

Into the smart tech that’s filling these homes!

Not only are smart device purchases on the rise for new homes on the market, but homeowners are hurrying to keep up by buying all of this tech for their homes, remodeling and retrofitting to keep with the times.

Which means the companies that provide all of this tech are flying high.

There are dozens of companies that are riding the tech wave, from the security companies Control 4 (CTRL) and ADT security (ADT) to the general home providers offering high tech coffee makers, lights, vacuum cleaners, AI assistance…you name it.

Two of the strongest players are Intel (INTC) and the ever-present giant, Amazon (AMZN).

If you want a mid-range investment, Intel has saw a strong 53% increase from the end of 2020 to mid 2021, and is hovering around our buy signal once again.

With a rate like that, you can buy 1,000 shares or more without emptying your wallet, and in return you can see your money double in less than 5 years!

Or, if you’re ready to go all in on the new real estate trends, you can go for the big one—Amazon. Amazon sells everything you could ever need for your high-tech home, and it’s earning big because of it.

And a big part of that growth is thanks to the smart home appliances sold by the company.

So, if you want to get in on the next big thing in real estate, it’s time to invest!

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