Join the 5% of People Who Achieve This

95% of people fail to achieve their goals.

It’s sad but true.

These people live a life of quiet desperation, valuing the expectations of others more than their personal success and always wishing they had done more.

But why?

Why are the majority of people content with traveling down this path?

The answer: FEAR OF FAILURE.

So many people fail to reach their goals because they fear the consequences of failure.

They are constantly striving to maintain or construct an image that society will accept and are scarred to damage this “acceptance” because they feel it will impact their status in society.

You don’t have to exist in the majority though. Be a part of the 5% instead.

I’m sure you’ve heard the saying: “no risk, no reward”.

But it’s true!

How do you expect to better yourself if you can’t learn from your mistakes?

From learning to walk to graduating from college, your life is filled with trial and error that benefits you as an individual.

Failure is essential for growth!

Let me use an example…

Certain species of eagles are known for the way they teach their young to fly.

The mother understands that death is inevitable if her babies remain in the nest and so she forces them out.

They have no choice but to learn how to fly.

If they don’t open their wings, they will fall to their death.

Lucky for you, the consequences of failure are often far less dire in comparison to the eagle’s.

But it’s still necessary for you to leave the nest or in this case, your comfort zone.

Only 5% of the population manage to accomplish this simply because their comfort zone is comfortable and they don’t want to leave it.

They remain content with aimlessly going through life and avoid the challenges that are thrown their way.

However, it’s important to struggle and experience failure.

Maybe you feel like you’re stuck working a job you don’t like or trapped in a relationship that you don’t want to be in.

The thing is, only YOU have the power to change the direction of your life.

So take the leap from the nest!

Don’t let the fear suppress your true potential and capability to achieve the dreams and goals that you’ve set.

Use failure to your advantage and look at it as a tool used to craft yourself into a better person.

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