Your lazy 2nd income

Sean BowerWhen I was coming out of college I didn’t know the first thing about the stock market. I had no idea how to open a trading account, how to read a stock chart, or even the difference between a bull and bear market.

But now the stock market is my favorite income weapon. Just by being given a few simple bits of information and advice, Wall Street made sense all of a sudden.

Now it’s time for me to pass that info on to you…

I’m often asked, “Why should I get involved in the stock market?”

Well, once you get beyond the mental hurdle making you believe the stock market is too complicated for you, Wall Street can turn into your personal ATM machine.

And it can include all of these benefits once you know the simple secrets to successfully playing the stock market game:

  • It doesn’t take hard work like your regular job would; you can be lazy.
  • It can provide a completely separate income stream for you – even one that could match or exceed your regular income!
  • This is an income you can easily take into retirement.

And all you need to know in order to unlock those benefits from the stock market is a few simple secrets…

1. Learn the basics

As with anything new, the first step is to get yourself up to speed. For the stock market, all you need to do is a simple Internet search and a few minutes. It’s really much simpler than you probably think it is.

2. Realize that there are patterns

Wall Street is like a living, breathing entity. And like anything else that’s living, it has habits and tendencies. On almost every level, from the stock market as a whole to market sectors to individual stocks, there are patterns that become easy to spot when you know what to look for.

And those patterns help you easily predict what’s most likely going to happen next.

3. Prices don’t lie

Probably the most common saying people turn to about the stock market is, “buy low and sell high.”

But what most people don’t understand is that the price of a security is what it is for a reason. If it’s a high price relative to it historical performance, it’s almost always because it’s a strong stock. If it’s low right now, it’s almost always because it’s a weak stock.

4. Common sense

Don’t overcomplicate things. Most Wall Street pros can’t even beat the market itself. What does that tell you?

They’re constantly trying to come up with new strategies and complex systems to outwit the market. Why not find something that works and stick with it? People often talk about diversifying, but if you’ve become accustom to trading healthcare stocks and you’re making money, why change it up?

If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

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