This life-expectancy ranking is shocking

Markedwards“What’s the point in a reward if you ain’t around to enjoy it?”

– Han Solo.

I hope you’re well. No, I really mean it: I hope you’re well. Because most of America is NOT well, and they don’t even know it.

You don’t need to be a Star Wars fan to appreciate where that famous movie line is coming from and where I’m about to go. Yes, I’d like to talk about your actual life, your biological existence, this week.

Personally, whenever I hear the word “health”, I recoil. My mind conjures up images of birdseed, panting in the gym, and being eternally hungry as I jealously watch other people eating Big Macs. Know what I mean?

So I prefer the word “longevity”. There. Don’t you suddenly feel more comfortable? It gets interesting when we stop imagining pain and start imagining living forever, doesn’t it?

The good news is there are truly amazing things happening in the biotech industry regarding your longevity. Within a few years now, you’ll be able to map your personal DNA sequence for a hundred bucks and see pretty much when and how you will die of old age. Liver failure at 72? Okay, we’ll start growing you a new one using your liver stem cells.

What’s coming out of that biotech world is real now, not just theoretical, and mind-blowing. We’re talking borderline immortality. Your cells reproduce and replenish, right? This is because of something on your DNA strand called ‘telomeres’. But when the telomeres run out, you can’t replenish anymore, and you die. But they’re now working on ways to make your telomeres everlasting. Guess where the new stock market bubble will be within the next ten years….

The bad news? Well, there’s no easy way of saying it: you either won’t be able to afford it unless you live long enough for the price to come down OR some disease like cancer will kill you before it happens (many people are said to die of “old age” when they actually die from some sort of cancer). So let’s see about changing that outcome, shall we?

The statistics for cancer are truly frightening. The World Health Organization has estimated that cancer incidences will increase by 50% by 2020. One in three Americans is affected in some way by cancer. By all reasonable measures, conventional medicine has failed to cure this disease since Nixon declared a War on Cancer in the 70s- despite billions of dollars spent, the cases of cancer are only rising. If you don’t call that a failure (of modern medicine) what DO you call it?

What could possibly have gone wrong? Aren’t American doctors omnipotent gods who know everything? Evidently not. The USA ranks 34th for life expectancy. That’s tied with Cuba…

Is there another way? A way everyone’s missing? Absolutely, and I spent two years of my life researching and writing a bestselling book about the fact. A book that several medical doctors took the time to congratulate me about based on its medical accuracy and explanations of the problem.

Let’s start with what we KNOW about cancer. Consider this analogy: if your immune system is your biological security service, cancer is a security agent who’s gone ‘rogue’; an agent that no longer obeys orders from command, and instead just does its own thing.

It’s no wonder why our own immune system refuses to fight cancer (that’s right, REFUSES): it won’t fight an organism it presumes is one of its own. You see, a tumor forms as a result of your immune system not knowing when to stop repairing damage. Stem cells keep rushing to the affected area even when the damage is repaired, and the excess tissue is a tumor.

So, and this is crucial in your understanding, THE TUMOR IS A SYMPTOM, NOT A CAUSE. That’s why only around 15% of tumor cells are cancer cells. And yet, modern medicine focuses on cutting and burning tumors away, and measuring tumor size as a means of declaring success or failure in cancer treatment. Why on Earth? It makes no sense. Well, it makes sense if you’re a medical doctor who’s had approximately ZERO training in nutrition. And nutrition, my dear reader, is where the answer lays…

A little background to set the scene, again, based on what we KNOW about cancer…

First. Cancer is a MODERN disease. It’s really only been prevalent in the last 60 years (since World War II). So wouldn’t it be reasonable to understand what changed 60 years ago to give us a clue about cancer’s birth? So what happened in this post-war world?

What happened is that agriculture became mechanized. People moved to the cities. Women, after working in factories during the war, decided that they rather liked working (and nothing wrong with that). The result? Both couples working in the city, and nobody at home to buy fresh groceries and cook a fresh meal each day. Enter convenience food.

Second. Cancer is a HUMAN disease. Wild animals do not get cancer, period. The only animals to get cancer are those in captivity or pets or wild animals who have eaten human garbage.

So cancer is a modern disease found only in human animals. What’s happened to humans only, and only in the post war years? Answer this, and you have the cause of cancer. And when you know the cause of cancer, you can stop it. Make sense?

I’ll answer this question by using something simple and that you’re familiar with: a licorice twist…

Recipes got handed down for various things for centuries… for good reasons. Because our ancestors knew things. Tens of thousands of years of trial and error taught them that certain nutrients had certain healing properties. Our ancestors may not have had iPhones, but they weren’t completely backward or you or I would not be living today. They SURVIVED. So give them credit, and don’t write them off as savages.

Licorice is just one of many examples. Real licorice root can aid several health conditions, such as stomach ulcers, a sore throat, and high cholesterol. Our ancestors knew this. But raw licorice tastes dreadful, so they blended it with sugar cane and the licorice twist was the result: a tasty treat for children.

But in the post war era, some bright spark discovered a way to IMITATE the flavor of licorice with a chemical. And this chemical (aptly titled: artificial flavoring) was a heck of a lot cheaper than licorice root as an ingredient.

The American consumer is all about value, so people bought the cheapest licorice twist, which was the one that tasted exactly the same as the more expensive brand that used real licorice. So the real licorice twist manufacturer went out of business, and the food manufacturers’ profits soared as this clever new way of tricking peoples’ taste buds gave them pricing power.

So let’s take a look at what our booming post-war society accomplished here, taking the simple old licorice twist as an example…

1. We took OUT the good stuff (licorice). BAD.
2. We put IN the bad stuff (chemicals). From BAD to WORSE.

And then we scratch our heads in amazement when our immune system goes haywire…

WAKE UP, EVERYONE. Before it’s too late. It’s that critical.

This applies to all food, of course. I merely use the licorice twist as one example.

We’ve become desensitized to the phrase ‘artificial ingredients’ on food packaging when it should be raising a big, red flag. Conversely, we look at ‘organic’ food with suspicion, as if it’s some kind of fad! Listen closely…

‘Organic’ food is not a fad. It’s just the way food always was! Un-messed with!

Organic food should simply be referred to as “food”, and anything else should be the thing that causes suspicion- labelled as “artificial food”.

Thankfully, some people ARE waking up. And thankfully, certain, responsible food manufacturers are making things the way they used to. (By the way, if you want a licorice twist the way it used to be, Paul Newman brand ingredients are as follows: organic wheat flour, organic sugar, corn syrup, organic tapioca syrup, vegetable glycerin, sunflower oil, elderberry extract, licorice root extract. Real licorice? Imagine that! How people are allowed to advertise anything “licorice” without any licorice in the product defies belief.)

Yes, it costs more. But that’s the TRUE cost of food. And what’s more, that’s the cheapest healthcare money can buy.

You may have a full stomach, but you’re starving to death. When you buy a computer you treat it well. You keep it from harm and make sure no nasty viruses contaminate it. But you can buy a new computer. You can’t buy a new body (yet).

The consumer is in control. Don’t buy their product, and the corporations will stop poisoning the population.

So you have to stop the poison going in. But that’s just one half of the battle. The other half is to ensure you’re putting the right things in you instead, and there are natural foods that can and DO cure cancer for thousands of Americans every year. But we’ll save that conversation for another time…

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