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Sean BowerWhen I graduated from college I had a relatively narrow view of “success”. While I started by seeking professional and financial success, I now know that a complete life means striving for betterment in all facets…

Every single day I now look to become better in my personal life, in my fitness, in my health, in my capacity, and many other areas in addition to professional and financial success.

Here are the 2 simple rules I follow to make my life better…

Rule #1: The ‘One More’ Rule

This is my favorite rule to live by, and one that proves to you that you’re improving as you go.

This rule is exactly what it sounds like – just do one more.

If you’re working out, do one more sit-up, or pushup, or rep than yesterday. If you’re running, go one more 10th of a mile, or take one more second off your time than the last time you ran.

But this doesn’t just apply to fitness. Here’s an idea of some other things you can become better at by doing just one more than last time…

  • Complete one more task at work,
  • Do one more chore around the house,
  • Give out one more compliment,
  • Cook one more healthy meal instead of eating junk food,
  • Read one more page of a good book,
  • Devote one more minute to talking with friends and family…

In everything you do, try to implement the one more rule. In a month’s time, you’ll be able to see the success you’ve gained in different parts of your life.

Rule #2: The ‘TODAY’ Rule

At one point or another, everyone struggles with procrastination. One way to battle and eventual defeat that bad habit is to integrate the ‘TODAY’ rule into your life.

Start focusing on doing things today.

Need to go to the grocery store? Go today.

Have you been looking for the write time to start writing that novel? Start today.

Have you been putting off going to the bank, or the DMV, or some other not-so-pleasant task? Do it today. Then it will be over and won’t cause you any more stress.

The ‘TODAY’ rule also works for long-term goals. Do you want to start your own business? Start putting a plan in place today. You don’t have to map out the entire process today, but you CAN begin thinking about different aspects of the plan you need.

The ‘One More’ and ‘TODAY’ rules completely changed my life for the better, and now I hope they can do the same for you.

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