Line your pockets by following this Millennial Money Trail

In the world of real estate profits, we must be ready to pivot and adapt at any given moment.

That said, there are some obvious cycles we can follow, and one of the more obvious AND more profitable ones is the generational cycle.

Millennials have recently hit their peak property buying age and it’s time to cash in big while following their money trail…

There are patterns and cycles all around us. Whether you look at the movement of the stock market, the world of politics the seasons changing… virtually everything can be broken down by cycles and/or patterns.

Identifying those cycles and patterns may seem like an inconsequential skill, and in some regards this may be true. But when it comes to specific situations, like one we can see now in real estate, it can be a skill that turns into your personal fortune!

For this to happen, we’re looking at two things:

  • The societal cycle of generations…
  • The patterns of the current generation…

First things first – the cycles of generations. A long look back into history or a quick read of Neil Howe’s “The Fourth Turning” will show you that, in American society, we keep repeating four generations over and over.

I won’t bore you with details for each but know that each generation is the way it is because of how it was treated by the previous generation. That’s how the cycle never ceases to continue.

So, if one generation was too hard on its children, those children will likely grow up and be soft on their own children. It’s a natural correction towards the mean.

Makes sense, right?

Now to get to the current generation of Millennials…

When trying to find a way to profit from the influx of Millennials into the real estate market, you need to know the patterns of Millennials. Let’s name a few characteristics first:

  • Extremely community based.
  • Aspirational heroes in terms of social and environmental consciousness.
  • Less financially aspirational than the previous generations.

That’s all the knowledge you need…

Think of the big-picture influx of the Millennial generation as they get to the age where they’ll become buyers/renters.

Here’s how I see it:

With lesser aspirations towards money, Millennials will be happy/forced to be renters in large part.

The community-based nature of Millennials means they’ll be happy to live in larger homes with bigger community areas.

If you can invest in a property that provides those things, all while being environmentally conscious (perhaps for appliances, etc.), you’ll be set with an entirely extra income stream lining your pockets by following the Millennial money trail!

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