Live in luxury on a cheap budget…

They call retirement the golden years for a reason.

It’s meant to be a time of luxury and independence.

After decades of working long and hard, you should be able to head out into the world, travel wherever you wish, do whatever you want, and enjoy all the exciting places the world has to offer.

But in reality, who can afford that?

Well, it turns out, you can!

And all you have to do is follow this simple advice.

You see, when we travel, there are a lot of different costs that really add up, and bar even the smartest savers from the vacations of their dreams. Transportation to and from the destination, hotels at the destination, food while you are gone, activities, tours to get to all of the attractions in the host city, you name it!

Basically, you become a captive audience, because there are certain comforts of home that you need with you in order to enjoy your time away. And those comforts can come out to cost you upwards of $5,000 a year, which is the average amount Americans spend on their summer vacations each year.

Who has the funds for that? Especially when you reach retirement, though you have the free time to travel, you may not have the financial freedom to go on vacation at the drop of a hat.

So what are you supposed to do? How are you supposed to get the very best out of those golden years?

Well, you may have heard the answer already in passing, because it’s become something of a trend in the last few years. But, even though the standard trend does cut costs and increase your freedom to travel, the way I do it will save you even more…

What is this magical travel solution?

Buying an RV!

Now, this has long been a popular option for people to travel across country and beyond, and for obvious reasons.

With an RV, you are in control of your own transportation, plus you bring all of the comforts of home with you!

When you have an RV, you save that pesky $200+ a night on a second-rate hotel, you can save about $100 a week on food by cooking in your RV instead of eating out every night away, and you get to relax and sleep in a space that’s totally your own.

But, even though there are a ton of bonuses and cost-saving pluses to owning an RV, there’s one step further that you can take to save even more than the smart savers who are out shopping for RVs.

What is it?

Buy a used RV!

Now, this may sound strange, but just like cars, RVs depreciate in value FAST despite very little wear and tear. If you sway for a two- or three-year-old RV that’s been previously owned, you’re looking at knocking up to $50,000 off of the cost of your RV.

Let’s break that down a little.

If you were to go shopping for a new RV right now, you could find a mid-range RV (Class A) for around $70,000. If you wanted to add any bells and whistles (a nice interior, electric air and heating, a slightly more spacious bathroom, etc.) you’re looking at an upcharge to $80,000 or $90,000. Now, this is still a great investment when you think about it.

At $5,000 a year for the average summer travel alone, you could pay for a $80,000 RV in 16 years just with your travel fund. And hopefully, you’ll be traveling much longer than that!

Though a new RV is a great investment in the long run, if we turn to a second-hand option, we can save tens of thousands of dollars on the cost of the RV, and save thousands more that we would otherwise have to spend on standard travel costs.

Just think about it. You can get a three-year-old Class A RV in fine running condition for a fraction of the cost of a new one—and the only thing you are sacrificing is that new car smell!

Plus, if you’re willing to take on a fixer-upper project, you can get an RV that has been severely marked down (I’m talking $15,000 to $20,000 for the total cost) for the state of the interior, but still has a top-notch engine and fittings.

Then, all you have to do is make the interior your own! I did my research, and for less than $10,000, you can refinish the entire interior of your RV—new counters and cabinets, new floors, new wallpaper, even new bathroom finishings!

And, if you’re willing to put a little of your do-it-yourself spirit into it, you can make your RV like new for even less than that!

Just think about it—you can get the perfect RV for you (and it will be personalized to your tastes!) and get 20+ years of travel out of it for the cost of 4 years of your average summer vacations!

And, not only will you be exploring, vacationing, and enjoying the sights virtually for free, but you will also never have to deal with the hassle of reservations, planning, and coordinating again!

You can just hop in your trusty travel vehicle and set off to wherever you want to be!

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