Make Sure This Scam Doesn’t Wipe You Out

It doesn’t matter if already own and operate a business or you’re planning on starting your first, you must understand how to protect yourself from scams like this one.

There are companies out there that make so much money by raining on your parade. You may be just the little guy to them, but here at the Midas Legacy we pride ourselves on standing up for the little guy.

That’s why I want to exploit one of the latest scams that seems to repeatedly fly under the radar, and also show you how you can sidestep it to ensure your business isn’t demoralized.

The Better Business Bureau (BBB) wouldn’t even be able to alert you about this one…

Thinking about it, why would the BBB expose a scam that they created?

We’re led to believe that the BBB have the final say on how credible a business is. This is just not true.

But it makes matters worse when this shady privatized company starts doing the very thing that they pledge to fight against: scam its customers.

This scandal was even exploited in detail on ABC News’ “20/20,” and is a very interesting watch.

Investigators found that the BBB was taking bribes for A+ ratings. These bribes came in the form of a $450 membership fee that anybody could pay to get their company an A+ with the BBB.

This point was validated when the investigators started to create fake businesses, pay the membership, then receive an A+ rating for their business that had never sold, or even thought about selling, a thing.

So, that presents the question: How come the BBB is still considered credible after this scandal was televised?

It’s because consumers like to hear somebody else’s opinion before they purchase a product or service (clearly the standard or credibility of the reviewer isn’t a concern).

But there’s a way for you to provide prospective customers with credible and positive reviews so they don’t need to go to a website that scams the very people they pledge to help.

It’s all done through testimonials.

The best thing you can do for your business is to get honest testimonials from the people who trust in and love your product or service so you can place those quotes or videos right on your home page.

Offer your customers a little freebie for providing insight.

If the positive testimonials are the first thing your customers see, it hardly even matters what your product is. Consumers just need to know that other people have been satisfied.

Obviously, the standard of your product or service should never stop improving in quality, but these quotes or videos will solidify any sales pitch you have to offer.

You won’t need to lose sleep over what the Better Business Bureau thinks of you anymore. With testimonials on your website, the honesty of your brand will always shine through.

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