Natural prevention keeps hair on your head

MarkedwardsThe last thing you want in life is to lose all your hair. Even though hair loss has already begun in most men by the age of 35, that doesn’t mean it’s too late…

And I’m not talking hair plugs or any of that unnatural stuff.

There’s a diet that you can start using that could completely prevent hair loss.

This natural prevention could be your last chance to save yourself from losing your hair…

Hair loss is a nasty prospect, but there are proven ways to fight it.

I’m sure you see TV ads all the time for hair plugs and other unnatural ways of fighting hair loss.

It’s not easy to spot the frauds when you’re fearing for every last strand of hair on your head. That’s why so many people get roped into paying thousands of dollars for products that just don’t work.

But this simple diet is something you can adapt to your existing eating habits.

The food isn’t expensive, and it provides multiple different benefits on top of hair loss prevention.

But each minute I waste trying to sell you on the idea means another group of hair follicles dying out, so I’ll jump into it.

This diet is split up into two different sections: Foods to eat vs. foods to avoid.

Foods to eat

  • Organic foods – Organic foods are free of chemicals which act as endocrine disrupters that interfere with the growth of your hair.
  • Pumpkin seeds – Loaded with zinc, pumpkin seeds prevent zinc deficiency which causes hypothyroidism and hair loss.
  • Wild-caught fish – Fish like salmon contain a large amount of omega-3 fats which support hair growth and thickening.
  • Green tea – Antioxidants are extremely important when preventing hair loss, because they stop the conversion of testosterone into DHT which kills hair follicles.
  • Super seeds – Things like chia, flax, and hemp seeds that are high in fiber aid hair growth.
  • Bone Broth – This important proponent is high in protein, collagen, and amino acids which promote healthy hair growth.

Foods to avoid

  • Trans fatty acids – Avoid oils like soybean oil and corn oil which increase inflammation and production of DHT.
  • Sugar – Sugar promotes hormone imbalances which can lead to early hair loss.
  • Processed foods – Any food that contains unhealthy fats, sugar, and sodium are counterproductive to healthy hair growth.
  • Alcohol – Liver toxicity has been linked with hair loss. Smoking also fights against hair growth.
  • Caffeine – In small doses, caffeine is fine, but a heavy amount in your diet causes dehydration, which leads to hair loss.

Paired with this diet, eliminating stress can help prevent hair loss.

Keeping to this diet could save the hair on your head once and for all.

Remember, it’s not too late to save what hair you have left, and as I’ve mentioned this all-natural diet promotes other healthy causes as well as the prevention of hair loss.

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