One trick unlocks the wealth you deserve

Sean BowerThe path to success isn’t a straight corridor with flashing signs telling you which direction to go in.

It’s much more of a maze in which you face intersection after intersection, and decision after decision. And that maze is filled with barriers that want to make you go the wrong way or quit altogether.

But there’s one simple trick you can use to overcome those barriers, see through the maze, and reach real wealth. All you have to do is this…

Go to a bar nearby that doesn’t have any TVs. A restaurant will work, too. And make sure you’re by yourself.

When you arrive start taking close note of what you do. It will probably look something like this:

  • You sit by yourself and notice that everyone else is either with someone or on their phones.
  • You start feeling extremely uncomfortable sitting there alone, so you take out your phone to make it seem like you’re busy.
  • You spend the rest of the time going through the same apps on your phone and having tiny interactions with the bartender when he or she asks if you’d like another drink.

You’ll see the same exact thing happening with people there alone in just about any bar. If there are TVs, some will stare blankly at the TVs instead of their phones.

In the end, everyone is simply looking for a distraction. A distraction from looking like you’re alone and not busy.

Without even realizing it, this same defense mechanism kicks in when you’re at work or trying to make strides towards building your own wealth through business, real estate, investments, etc.

The distractions itself becomes your defense mechanism.

Have you ever noticed that you suddenly feel the need to check your email (again) when you have an important project that you’re stuck on? Or when you need to go secure a loan for your small business from the bank, you suddenly distract yourself with smaller, less significant tasks?

These are the barriers keeping you from navigating the maze to the wealth you deserve to have…

Here’s the simple trick to overcoming those barriers and reaching success:

1. Recognize when and how you use distraction as a defense mechanism. For me, checking my email too often was the biggest self-distraction I had to overcome.

2. Once you know what your distractions are, limit them. Do this in two steps. First, prioritize your tasks and focus on completing the top one or two before doing anything else. Second, limit your distractions by putting a cap on them. For example, I started only allowing myself to check emails once in the morning, and once in the evening.

3. Adopt the “do it now” frame of mind. This will truly change your life, and it only takes something like 30 days to make it become a habit. Here’s what you do: anytime you add a new high-priority task to your list of to-dos, do it immediately. Give yourself a deadline of the end of the day (maybe sooner or later depending on the scope of the task), and make sure you stick to it.

Instead of worrying over the high-priority task being incomplete, the “do it now” mentality mitigates stress and ends procrastination.

You were just assigned a big project at work that’s due in three weeks? Do it now.

You need to hire a web designer to complete the website for your new online business? Do it now.

You have to complete a business plan to get approval for a loan? Don’t distract yourself will emails, phone calls, or insignificant tasks…DO IT NOW.

When the “do it now” frame of mind becomes a regular part of your life, you’ll stop wondering when you’ll reach goals, and the wealth you deserve will come to you!

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  1. Bryan Mellema

    Wow! I can totally relate to what you said, before I knew it I’d be on My To Do’s #4 or #5 and my elbow on top of My To Do’s #1, 2,and #3. By the end of the day, around 2:00 I’d be chatting away with a girlfriend , or reading my week old emails,watering our fruit trees, or doing a little target practicing, and now it’s dinner time. So after dinner, while it’s still fresh in my mind, stay focused, not let myself be distracted, get busy ,and Do It Now!

    get distracted get busy.


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