Open your fridge for health

Open your fridge…

Where’s the first place your eyes go?

If you don’t remember, do it again and log where your eyes go.

This says a LOT about your diet and could be the catalyst to changing your life for a healthy, better you!

Here’s how…

Now that you know the first place you look when you open your fridge, take a note of what’s sitting there.

It’s likely something that provides more pleasure than benefit.

Is it a snack? Is it something you go to late at night when you shouldn’t be eating?

We often don’t think of “food psychology”, but it’s much harder to change your unhealthy dietary habits if we don’t question it.

And on a side note, eating healthy can kickstart financial health, which in turn can lead to wealth.

So those of you who think you’re eating healthy or don’t care about health and just want to get to the money, this isn’t a bad starting point.

Now, back to your fridge.

If you are into trying to eat healthy, there’s a chance you’ve read articles or watched videos about how you should organize your fridge.

But I say there’s no set way to do so.

It depends more on what your habits are, and it’ll take some upkeep every few months or so.

So, take the first shelf or section your eyes go to, and load it up with the healthiest food you have.

Veggies, fruits, protein bars, etc.—just make sure there are no high-sugar snacks sitting there.

If you don’t want to get rid of those high-sugar snacks completely, then hide them in a drawer that’ll make you wonder where they are next time you open the fridge.

This will then turn a kneejerk reaction into a thought or decision.

It gives you time to process what you’re doing and whether you should be eating at all.

As time goes on, you’ll subconsciously adjust to this change, and start to reach for the snacks in their new place. To fight this, set a reminder to change your fridge organization every couple of months.

And the most important part is to track your health to see it working!

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