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Sean BowerWho doesn’t want to be liked? Is there anyone out there who would rather be forgotten or hated than loved and accepted?

Of course not, but unfortunately there’s no magic pill that instantly makes everyone admire you.

However, if you do 1 simple thing, it’ll feel like magic because people will love you for it…

There are two clear truths about getting people to like you…

1. It’s been a staple of human interaction basically forever.
2. It’s a completely natural feeling that everyone I’ve ever known has had.

But a much less obvious truth about getting people to like you is that it can lead to more than just contentment – it can also lead you to success.

Being liked or loved can earn you friendship, promotions, favors, loyalty, influence, and much more. People naturally want to give to or do things for someone they admire.

So how can you and I at least begin to get people to like us?

A magic trick that people will love you for is remembering that any person’s name is their absolute favorite sound in the world.

That’s right – if you can understand that fact, you’re halfway to becoming liked by virtually everyone you come across. The other half will come from your ability to remember names and use them frequently.

Don’t believe remembering and using names will make people like you?

Well I have two tasks for you that will show you the power of names…

The first task is to listen to the story of a boy named Jim Farley from New York. Jim was left without a father at a young age, so when he was 10 he began working in a brickyard and never went to high school.

If we fast-forward many years down Jim’s life, we’ll see him rise to chairman of the Democratic National Committee and Postmaster General of the United States.

How could an uneducated boy climb to such heights?

Well, Jim Farley knew the importance of names, and he had a knack for remembering them. He claimed to be able to call 50,000 people by their first name. 50,000!

Jim realized that any person is more interested in his or her own name than in all other names combined.

He managed Franklin D. Roosevelt’s campaign because he’d made that discovery. When campaigning all over the country, Jim visited thousands of people from hundreds of different cities.

When he returned home, he was able to write letters to thousands of people he’d met while campaigning and address them by their first name whilst also remembering a certain fact about them.

That’s how an uneducated boy could rise to such prestige. He knew the power of a person hearing his or her own name.

And that brings us to your second task…

Over the course of the next couple of weeks, try to start learning, remembering, and using people’s names more. Just see how well it works for you.

If you can understand that the sweetest sound in the world is one’s own name and act accordingly, people will love you for it.

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