Profit big in a flat market

Sean BowerAs the bull market has drastically slowed down, profits have been hard to come by for most investors as they struggle to find the strongest stocks to buy.

But if you’re not hitting the big winners right now, don’t worry. You just need to know how to play the flat market, and when to make your moves.

It’s time to start using more resources, especially this one…

Are we in a plateaued market? It sure looks like it.

Does that mean we’re headed straight for a bear market? Not necessarily. A bull can flatten out, then pick up steam and continue climbing. It’s certainly happened before. But it also could be leading us to a downturn.

Either way, neither one has to happen in the immediate future. That’s why it’s important to know how to continue hitting those solid wins even while the market is in a flatter pattern than normal.

And to do that, we need to look at a couple of things…

1. Utilizing more resources, and
2. Focusing on timing

So number 1 is knowing what to do, and number 2 is knowing when to do it. Properly executing both will keep profits rolling in while others are losing or standing still at best.

But what could end up being the best lesson to follow in a flat market is that you DON’T have to constantly trade. Don’t trade for the sake of trading. Cash is a position, too. And it’s much better to sit on the sidelines than to watch your money disappear.

But with that being said, there are still plenty of opportunities to make good money, even in this market. And the first thing we need to do to chase down those profits is to realize we can now start short selling as well as buying.

Short selling is basically just the opposite of buying, so you’ll be betting on the stock to go down when you sell it short.

And the final piece of the equation is getting the timing right. That’s where knowing how to identify opportunities and signals becomes vital. With Code Breaker, those things become clear.

So be ready to buy the strongest stocks and shorts sell the weakest ones at the right time. And remember, don’t trade for the sake of trading.

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