Profit from Big Insiders Clue

banker-xOne thing we can always be sure of is that company insiders are continuously making moves on Wall Street. They are constantly trying to get ahead of the market to ensure themselves hefty profits.

And although they may know more about their respective companies than the general public, they don’t know that they are constantly giving away clues about the future. Those of us smart enough to pick up on those clues have a great chance to make huge profits from them!

Right now, we aren’t getting a clue from any single company or small group of insiders. Instead, ALL of the insiders are yelling at us unintentionally. This is one big hint that you don’t want to miss.

I wonder if it has something to do with the fed continuing to keep pumping and talk about raising rates…

Just as we can keep track of just about anything, we can certainly keep track of insider transactions. And one thing that often gets overlooked is the insiders’ movement as a whole.

Recently, there has been a large spike in insider activity. The recently bullish levels of small insider transactions have suddenly been replaced with bearish ones.

As recently as within the last couple of weeks we have seen evidence of all this insider activity—and a significant margin of it has been selling. Big companies like Netflix, Facebook, and plenty of others have had insiders dumping stock.

But why? Are they afraid of something? Do they see something dangerous happening?

In my opinion, this big-time insider movement is occurring, at least in part, because of the recent activity of the fed. All of that money pumping and rate-raising talk is most likely putting one thought in the insiders’ heads—inflation.

If the insiders are worried about the fed’s actions, shouldn’t you be worried as well?

It is now a great time to watch the overall market carefully and look for more bearish signs. When they start piling up, get ready to turn bearish yourself and start selling once the market turns downward.

Of course, you can make plenty of money in a bear market as well, so don’t fret—just take advantage of the signs the insiders are giving us.

As we all turn our attention to how the fed is affecting the market, I’ll keep an eye out for what hints and clues the insiders are unknowingly leaving behind.

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