Profit from Obama-esque insiders

banker-xWith all of the recent actions of President Obama bypassing congress and the constitution with executive orders, I couldn’t help but compare him to some of the dirty players on Wall Street.

In their own ways, both Obama and inside traders take advantage of their power and leave the public in the dark. Most people are then left at the mercy of these cheaters—but not you and I.

We can fight back, and we can make a lot of money in the process.

In his most recent act of arrogance, Obama has used an executive order to move right pass congress, defy the constitution, and further push the illegal immigration problem into chaos just because he wanted to.

But who needs the checks and balances system our forefathers instilled, right? Obama certainly doesn’t…

Obama is basically the political equivalent of the inside trader. Inside traders disregard the rules, use their power of inside information, and get what they want without helping the general public, or even giving them a fighting chance.

Sound familiar?

The bigger problem is that both Obama and inside traders shouldn’t be allowed to do what they are doing, yet they are doing it regularly. Insider trading is illegal, but it’s just way too hard to catch these cheaters. And Obama should be impeached for taking advantage of his powers, but Democrats have too many numbers in congress.

The silver lining, though, is the fact that we can at least make money on the cheaters in the financial world. Although they would like to, the people participating in insider trading can’t keep everything from us.

By taking into account the insiders’ actions and utilizing the system taught in our Stock Code Breaker course, we can profit from the insiders’ sneaky moves without even knowing why they are making them.

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