Where to look for profits

banker-xThe insiders are everywhere.

And, for the most part, they get the important information before you, the public, or I do. The insiders have the advantage, which means we have to be smarter and more resourceful in order to earn our paydays at the market.

With the recent U.S. sanctions on Russia, the insiders in certain areas of the stock market will get the inside information that will make money trade hands. I want to show you how we can read the insiders and come out with the money in OUR pockets…

Due to the recent and current issues between Russia and Ukraine, the United States government chose to place sanctions on Russia’s energy. Those actions were aimed at two banks and two energy companies.

And as we know by now, almost everything will have some sort of affect on some part of the stock market, we just have to do a little digging to find out what we want.

We may not know exactly which part or how, but the good news is that we really don’t need to.

Instead, we need to be ready to make moves when the insiders decide to act on their inside info. To do so, we need to have an idea of where to look for those actions.

So, in this instance, we can inspect the sanctions a little bit closer. The two banks that are being targeted by Obama with these sanctions are Gazprom Bank and VEB. The two energy companies are Novotek and Rosneft.

The four entities mentioned are some of the more important banks or companies in Russia, Europe, and perhaps even in the world in some respects.

What we can gain from the story of the sanctions being imposed is that other banks and companies are going to have/get to make up for the new lack of goods and services. We know were to look—the banks and financial world, as well as energy companies.

And when we know where to look, it’s all about waiting for the big insider clues to tell us what to do and how to profit.

You can learn to interpret those insider clues without even needing to know about them by getting our Stock Code Breaker course.

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