Quit your job, here’s your new salary

Jim_SamsonPicture yourself waking up, getting ready for work, then sitting on your couch as you start your work day. It might be 8am, it might be noon. It doesn’t matter because you’d be your own boss with this home business.

You might be scared to take the leap, but it’s not even nearly as big a jump as you think; it’s more of a step.

There are virtually no startup costs, and you already have all the prior experience that’s necessary.

According to reliable sources, the MEDIAN salary for this job is $42,000, and with a few tweaks, the sky’s the limit. Hear me out…

I don’t understand why people still slave away at their 9-5 when there are so many amazing opportunities out there to make a fortune from home.

This home business doesn’t even require any inventory or specific prior experience. You’d simply be doing all the tasks you do on a day to day basis, but for somebody else.

The job I’m talking about is a virtual assistant.

With the amount of technology available to us today, you don’t have to leave your house to make an above-average salary.

Virtual assistants are becoming extremely popular and, as I’ve mentioned, the pay is very generous.

The only startup costs you may encounter come with marketing and building a website, but if you start local, or with somebody you know, these costs can be greatly minimized.

Once you’ve built up a small amount of savings from these local jobs, you can start to advance your reach.

With a website, and a little bit of marketing, there’s no corner of the country you can’t do business in, and we haven’t even spoken about international affairs yet, but I’ll get to that.

First, you need to understand the tasks and duties that are fulfilled by a virtual assistant.

These tasks and duties can range anywhere from replying to emails to grocery shopping, it’s completely in your hands. You get to decide which services you’d like to offer and which ones you don’t.

The standard virtual assistant handles all emails, incoming and outgoing; scheduling, which can be anything from business meetings to personal lunches; managing blogs and website posts; even fulfilling the grocery shopping by using any of the available delivery services that are becoming very popular.

You could be in Florida and manage a client’s responsibilities in Alaska. The internet has made the world a much closer place, and, by doing so, has made it much easier to create innovative and profitable businesses.

And the best part about it: once your clientele begins to grow, you can hire your own employees to handle the smaller tasks and take on new business.

In the same sense, you could be located in California and have employees in New York. Making the most money from being a virtual assistant all revolves around you taking advantage of our technology-driven age.

You wouldn’t even have to confine your business to within U.S. borders. You could have clients and employees all over the world.

You could hire bilingual employees to translate emails for international business. There is no limit to how far you could take it.

The median salary for virtual assistants is $42,000, but once you start to expand your company across the globe from the comfort of your own home, that salary rises dramatically.

Even a small growth such as hiring 10 employees could have you raking in a salary north of $100,000.

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