Real estate hasn’t looked this good in years!

They say real estate is one of the best ways to build wealth.

The only problem is it takes money to make money in that line of work.

And even if you have an extra five-figures worth of cash to play around with that doesn’t away from the fact that the industry is more competitive than ever before.

Lucky for you, that’s all about to change…

New data suggests that the housing market is finally slowing down, which creates a perfect opportunity for real estate riches!

Here’s all the proof you could ever need about why the time to buy-in is NOW.

First off, the value of the average entry-level home is currently sitting around $130,000.

Even though that price tag is up a total of 9.2% since last year it still hints towards a slowdown when you compare it to the 12.5% increase we usually see.

It may not seem like much, but just taking a little over 3% off can mean the difference between THOUSANDS of dollars.

It’s important to note that these cheaper home values aren’t just turning up in a select few parts of the country either.

According to, 42 out of the 50 largest U.S. metros experienced this same kind of slower growth.

It doesn’t end there though…

Unlike the decreasing appreciation of home values, the amount of properties available on the market seems to be steadily going up.

If you add up how many homes and apartments are listed for sale right now, you’ll get a number that’s about 4% higher than the year before.

This percentage might not be all that impressive until you realize the number of entry-level homes being put up for grabs has fallen for the past FOUR YEARS STRAIGHT.

In other words, the dog-eat-dog competition that typically comes along with real estate is finally starting to die down!

If you’ve ever considered trying your luck at buying and selling homes, but never got the ball rolling because of the rapid home value appreciation and nearly-stagnant inventories, then you’ll need another excuse for not getting in on all the action this time around.

With each of these factors removed from the equation, entering the market at the moment couldn’t be more ideal.

Don’t let these pristine market conditions pass you by!

Give real estate a go while the opportunity still lasts and start building wealth the way you’ve always wanted to.

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