Retire in 4 years or less

Coming off an incredible 2017 Annual Wealth Summit, I’ve been inspired to push even harder to get our members to their financial goals as quickly as possible.

And thanks to the incredible feedback from attendees of the event, I’m excited to share two little secrets that could get you to your dream retirement in four years or less…

Sound too good to be true? That’s what many Annual Wealth Summit attendees thought…BEFORE they took part in this past weekend’s seminar!

One of the biggest and best reactions of the entire seminar was to the foundation we laid for each and every student at the beginning of the event. That should come as no surprise because this is how we set the stage to get to the financial position that each attendee is seeking.

So, as we lay out the path for you to get to your dream retirement in a matter of a few years, let’s give you the short version of this same exercise…

FIRST, we have to figure out your Point A and your Point B.

What do I mean by this? Well, imagine calling a taxi company. Someone answers the phone and asks, “Where do you want to go?” Your response is, “I don’t know.”

The person on the phone then asks, “OK, well, where are you now?” Once again, you say, “I don’t know.”

This is how the vast majority of people handle their journey to retirement, and, ironically, this is the foundation for anyone’s ability to start receiving the income necessary to retire.

So, your Point A is where you are right now, financially speaking. Your net worth. It’s important to be honest with yourself about this Point A. If the number is zero or negative, at least you know where you are – that’s more than most people make it…

And your Point B is where you want to go, financially. I can give you a suggestion: luxury retirement. But it’s still up to YOU to give yourself the complete picture of what this Point B is.

What does my luxury retirement look like? What does is smell and sound like? Will I be in a cabin in the mountains, a tropical beach, or right where I am now?

And of course, how much will it cost to get to this Point B…?

I can’t get into the full version of what I revealed at the Annual Wealth Summit, but I can say this: If you had X amount hitting your account each month, you could retire right now.

It’s your job to tell me what that “X” is.

$4,000 a month? More? Less?

Take an evening to truly find out what amount you’ll need each month/week/year to live the retirement you want, or your Point B.

Obviously, what we need to do now is get you the difference between your Point A and your Point B.

Take a breath…

I know that difference between your Point A and Point B might be large, depending on how you see your dream retirement. Don’t worry – we’re going to show you the path right now!

It’s time to let you in on another secret; the sort of secret everyone knows but nobody really acknowledges…

There are only THREE real paths to wealth:

  • Business
  • Real Estate
  • Financial markets

Ideally, you’ll soon be bathing in a flowing river of cash from all three, but there’s plenty of money to be made from any one of the above to get you from A to B.

And, again, this entire Annual Wealth Summit weekend revolved around our best secrets for ALL three of the above, but for now it’s time for the short version…


Think about two things:

  • What sort of product is there a large NEED for?
  • How can I do this by starting small and scaling up when I see it’s working?

Believe me, as attendees of the Annual Wealth Summit can tell you, that’s the key to unlocking an automated sort of income from your own business.

Real Estate

When anyone asks me about real estate and how I used it to escape the Rat Race and become wealthy, I tell them two things:

  • The deal (the math) always needs to make sense. It’s a simple matter of seeing how much you’ll pay out, and how much will come in.
  • Look for any way to force appreciation, i.e. turning a bonus room into a bedroom.

Financial Markets

This is the only option to make money seemingly appear out of thin air. And luckily for you, this is the path to wealth we cover the most with an array of trading systems, investing courses, and recommendation services.

Between these three paths to wealth and the information we provide, YOUR path to an automated income that will get you to your Point B can be within just a few years or even months…

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