Retire to this paradise today

You might be much, much closer to retirement than you think.

In fact, with one retirement loophole, you might have everything you need to be able to retire to a tropical paradise right now.

Let’s find out how 2018 could be the year you retire…

For starters, think about what retirement really is.

It’s not some automatic life event that happens after 50 long years of hard work every day of the week.

It’s not your prize from the government at some arbitrary age.

It’s not what’s been drilled into your head for your entire life.

Simply put, retirement is available when your passive income covers your expenses. That’s what real freedom is.

And for many of us, that freedom can be here as soon as today IF we take advantage of one retirement loophole that’s packed with an incredible amount of benefits…

It’s time to think about retiring outside the United States.

I get it, this may not be something you’ve considered before, and it may seem absolutely crazy to you. But before you write off the idea entirely, let me lay out the reasons why retiring to a place like Costa Rica has a lot of upside…

1. It’s much cheaper

When the cost to live is cheap, the amount you need to either having in the bank or coming in as passive income is much lower.

This means retirement can be right around the corner.

According to International Living, a very comfortable life can be had for a retirement couple on just $2,500 a month!

2. Real estate advantages

Have about $500 a month to spend? Then you can likely get your hands on a beach condo with one bedroom and a wonderful view!

And if you’re looking to buy, a similar piece of property may only cost you as little as $50,000 or so!

3. Affordable medical care

One thing many retirees overlook along the path to retirement is how much health care will cost them in their post-work years.

As the body breaks down, the costs to maintain it go up. And as you may know, that can put a huge dent in the money you thought you’d have to enjoy in retirement.

But in Costa Rica, you’re looking at less than $100 a month for a couple for health care!

4. Paradise

I mentioned the view before, and there’s no denying that Costa Rica comes stacked with beautiful landscapes. But it’s also worth mentioning the benefits of Costa Rica’s climate.

A healthy lifestyle is a big part of being able to enjoy your retirement, and retiring to the right place overseas affords you this opportunity without paying through the nose for it.

With those reasons in mind, it’s worth checking over your retirement plans to see if this could be a fit for you right now.

Especially considering that you’ve been planning on needing roughly twice the amount per month it would take to live very comfortably in Costa Rica, the option to retire overseas surely isn’t as farfetched as you may have previously thought.

And if you do the math and find you’ve already crossed the threshold, 2018 can be the year of your retirement!

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