Retire you AND your kid with this secret tax loophole

Are you worried about saving for retirement?

Or even worse, are you still financially supporting your adult children?

Let your fears go, because with this secret tax loophole I’m about to give you, your retirement account will see a boost of $110,000!

Stop wondering if you’ll have enough to cover both your monthly contributions and your kid’s expenses. With this trick, you BOTH can save this extra money for retirement!

The average American admits to not saving as much for retirement as they would like.

Fix the problem now, before it’s too late and you’re stuck working for minimum wage in your golden years.

Lucky for you, there’s a tax loophole that will help you add hundreds of thousands of dollars to your retirement fund.

The secret lies with society’s 1%…who would’ve thought the richest of the rich would break the rules?

Well, there’s no one to say you can’t too. Here’s what you have to do (and it’s 100% legal).

It starts with health savings accounts, or HSAs. These accounts are retirement investment accounts, much like 401(k)s, except their payouts after you hit the golden hill are only for medical expenses.

I know that sounds like a huge problem. How are you supposed to pay for your vacation home and new car if the extra cash is only for health bills?

Not to get you down, but health care in America is expensive. Especially in the later years of life, what would have been a short doctor’s visit at age 40 is now a multiple-week hospital stay with a huge bill by the end of it.

So, it definitely won’t hurt to have six-figure padding in an HSA to protect your other income from going down Big Pharma’s drain.

But how does this help you AND your kid retire?

I’m glad you asked.

HSA contributions, as is standard for similar accounts, have a limit to how much a person can add over a certain period of time.

If you follow my very specific instructions, I can get you and your child that extra hundred-grand. The best part is, it will accumulate in less than 5 years. All you have to do is make the payments.

I’m sure you’re wondering what the catch is here. Free money does exist in the world, but some things obviously sound too good to be true.

The thing is, the government and rich elite don’t want you to know about the free money.

So, they hide behind the loophole, which I now give to you…

If your child is an adult, but still classified as your dependent (check your tax return if you’re not sure), they can continue on your health insurance.

By virtue of being on your health insurance, they can open an HSA in their early 20s.

If they were on their own, they could contribute $3,500 max to their HSA. If they’re starting to save early, that’s great, but chances are if they’re still living at home, they’re not dropping cash for retirement just yet.

But what you can do is set up a family rate for $7,000 contributions. After 3 years, the difference will be $110,000.

Yes, that is the catch.

It does involve you paying more upfront, but you and your child can only benefit when a six-figure medical bill will be paid off without the bat of an eye.

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