Retirement Scam Alert: Don’t be the next victim

With more and more people entering retirement each year, retirement scams are on the rise…

But I’ve made it my job to keep you and your retirement safe from these evil schemes.

That’s why I’m dedicating some time every month to these Midas Legacy scam alerts. Follow along and keep your money safe so you can retire the way YOU want to.

Here are the BIGGEST retirement scams out there right now and how to protect your money…

1. Medicare imposters

The recent changes in Medicare identification cards have created countless openings for scam artists to swindle you out of money.

They’ll call you and say they require your Social Security Number and a payment to replace your old ID card.

It’s a complete fraud. Medicare is an official institution, and they will ONLY contact you through postage.

Also, a replacement ID card is free of charge. What these imposters are doing is stealing your identity by obtaining your Social Security Number and stealing your money for a nonexistent card.

Always be wary of unsolicited calls from programs that involve your sensitive information.

If you receive a suspicious call that requests money or information from you, hang up and contact the agency yourself.

2. IRS fakes

The same goes for random calls from the IRS. Scam artists may claim you have back taxes to be paid through a debit card or by wire.

They may even have personal information about you, like the last four digits of your Social Security Number.

This should set off a red flag immediately. Generally speaking, an IRS agent will never call you.

They generally communicate through the postal system, especially if payments are required from you.

If you should receive a call like this, remain calm and end the conversation as quickly as possible.

Then you can take the appropriate steps to confirm with the actual IRS without buying into the phony’s plot.

3. Fake prescriptions

What’s even scarier than Medicare or the IRS calling you is the fact that crooks will try to sell you discounted prescription medications.

Not to mention how dangerous it is to ingest medication not prescribed to you by a doctor, they also prey on your fear and your money.

They may have hacked into a system for access to your online history, and if you order your medications online, they could offer a cheaper alternative.

First things first, do not purchase medication unless it is from a legitimate source, and you can confirm the pharmacy is licensed by your state and a licensed pharmacist is on staff.

The hackers get you to send payment and in return they send a medication that won’t help your condition, and do who knows what else, seeing as it is an unknown substance you’ve ingested.

As you can see, nothing is off-limits for these immoral scam artists to get ahold of your money or information.

Here at The Midas Legacy, we want to make sure that your interests are taken care of, and you’re prepared to protect yourself against nasty scammers who would take advantage of you.

With these Midas Legacy scam alerts, I hope you feel better prepared to protect yourself and your money from people who would try to take it all away.

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