Rids your body of the worms eating your insides

It’s as disgusting as it sounds but very real and very true.  Let me ask you, do you suffer from digestive irregularity?

Have you had any unexplained skin irritations? Do you burp a lot or suffer from embarrassing flatulence? Get stomach aches out of the blue? Do you suffer from iron-deficiency anemia?

Embarrassing to admit, I know, but do you suffer from rectal itching, especially at night?

Take a look in the mirror, have any floaters or spots in your eyes? Now, this one will most likely get you, suffer from mood disorders, fatigue, exhaustion, anxiousness, depression or apathy?  If not, this one surely will, do you have intense food cravings, especially for sweets and starches?

If you fall into any of these categories, I’m going to show you how to get rid of these symptoms…

Okay, I know you’re thinking this sounds like I’m just calling out the most common health problems suffered by the majority of the population and I’m just trying to hook you because I know that most will fall into at least one of those categories.

Well, yes, this is true.  Why? Because it is estimated that one third of Americans are infected with an intestinal parasite and carry on with daily life without a clue about it.  I think this is unacceptable and I want to help you.

If you’ve eaten a good amount of store bought pork in your lifetime, you’re almost guaranteed to have intestinal parasites.

Not a meat eater, okay, these parasites also live in contaminated fruits, vegetables and even in your water!

Do your kids wash their hands sufficiently at school when you’re not around to supervise?

Pinworms are super common in children and are highly contagious.  You could even get parasites from your own children!

Despite how embarrassing or disgusting it may sound, it it’s worth your health and your kid’s health to find out more and deal with the issue head on and rid yourself of the nasty side effects you’ve probably been dealing with your entire life.

Find out how now…

When you hear of intestinal parasites most people imagine the poor kids in Africa with swollen bellies or assume that only third-world countries are plagued with something so nasty and horrifying.

Well, that’s simply not true.

The Western diet that Americans live off is what is horrifying.  I could go on and on about what is in the foods you eat and terrify you so much that you’ll want to stick with just drinking wheat grass all day and munching on carrots, but for now let’s just focus on intestinal parasites.

What exactly are these nasty little creatures that slip into their victims unnoticed and undetected? An organism that lives and feeds off another organism that it has infested is called a parasite.  (That’s right, these little buggers are living and feeding off of you! But more on that later!)

Some of these organisms are microscopic but some are relatively large and can be seen with the naked eye.

There are one-cell organisms (protozoans) and then there are parasitic worms (helminths) that can reside in the human intestines.  These nasty creatures can hook into your intestines and make themselves nice and cozy there while feeding off your blood, draining your body of vital vitamins and nutrients and stay for a while without you even noticing.

How is it that you can have these parasites and not even know it?

Well, our bodies are incredible and our immune systems are constantly at work fighting off infections, inflammation and, yes, even parasites.

But although our immune systems might successfully suppress the damaging and uncomfortable side effects of the worms, it doesn’t mean it can be rid of them.

Not only that, most times when the side effects become apparent, we treat the symptom without considering the cause.

Most Americans can have parasites feeding off their intestinal walls for months, even years, before experiencing any side effects.

Being that your gut health is responsible for 70% of your immune system’s function, having intestinal parasites can affect almost every one of your bodily functions.

So what’s the good news?! Well, you can get rid of them! Before I tell you how though, let’s see what will happen if you do rid your body of all the nasties.

Intestinal parasites are literally feeding off your red blood cells and eliminating a majority of the nutrients and vitamins from your body that you should be receiving from your food.

Clearing your system of the life suckers will actually give you more energy and your body will be able to absorb what it needs to when you eat nourishing foods.

Your skin will clear up, your bowel movements will become more regular, your immune system will strengthen, your mood swings will level out and your brain will feel less cloudy.

I could give you a quick fix but it is important that you realize that you have to put some necessary effort into this as opposed to simply riding yourself of them because otherwise you will be susceptible to just get them again.

I know this one will be hard but it’s important. Start healing your body by reducing (preferably eliminating) sugar and starchy carbohydrates because it’s like bait to parasites.

They feed off sugar and carbohydrates are converted straight into sugar when you consume them.  (If you do have parasites this will be hard because they will literally be screaming out for sugar in the form of intense cravings.)

Once you’ve managed to get your sugar intake under control, I recommend a fast of at least 3-4 days.  This will help your colon to cleanse itself to the best of its ability without food coming in and reversing its work.

Intermittent fasts also jumpstart your immune system. You could do colonics but most are uncomfortable with that so let’s look at an easier way after you’ve changed your diet up a bit and given your digestive tract a little break.

Nature has provided us with many healing and medicinal plants and substances that the body can use to bring it back into balance to do what it was made to do—heal itself.  Here are some ingredients that are essential to intestinal health and can cleanse your body from within.

Wormwood- This has powerful anti-fungal, anti-microbial and parasite-destroying capabilities.  Not only will it help destroy the parasites it will also kill the eggs.  It raises your stomach’s natural acidity and will stimulate more bile production, flushing out the parasites.

This ingredient is so potent that in one study, 90% of those who suffered with Crohn’s Disease experienced improvement and 65% of them fully recovered from the disease with just this one ingredient!

Black Walnut Hulls- Not only is this a mild laxative helping your system to get things moving on out, it contains a chemical called juglone which has been used in medicine for thousands of years acting as an antibacterial, antiviral, anti-parasitic and antifungal medicine as well.

Cloves- Cloves contain powerful bioactive compounds that act as an antiseptic travelling through your bloodstream to kill not only the parasites but eggs as well.

Be sure that any over-the-counter intestinal cleanse contains these three ingredients to be sure that the parasites will be killed and flushed out in every stage of its life cycle.

Furthermore, parasites release toxins into your system and more so when you’re trying to kill them off so it’s important to try to supercharge your liver so it can do its best at detoxing your body as well during the kill off process.

Powerful liver supplements would be chanca piedra and dandelion root extract, and milk thistle.

If you can find these ingredients in quality liquid form or as concentrated extracts that is even more powerful and better money spent.  Your body can absorb liquid extracts more efficiently as opposed to capsule form.

Finally, would you like to know an easy, one-step way to rid your body of parasites?

Diatomaceous Earth.  High quality, food grade DE ingested on a daily basis can kill off parasites, cleanse your body and bring about numerous health benefits.  Simply add a teaspoon a day to a glass of water and that’s it! It will also help promote healthier hair, skin, bones and joints as well.

Extra bonus, it’s an all-natural, non-toxic insecticide and pest deterrent!  Take care and be well!

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