Secret bank protects you from greedy government

Jim_SamsonRetirement is a touchy subject. You probably worry about it every day. You’re scared that if the economy crashes then you’ll be left with nothing.

That’s a very valid fear to have, if you don’t know about this secret tip that keeps your money safe, regardless of the U.S. economy.

It took me years looking for a way to keep my retirement fund safe and sound, and the answer was right there in front of my nose.

You’ll be surprised you didn’t think of this, but that’s ok, because I’m going to open the door to financial security so you can stop worrying about retirement.

It’s hard to argue with people when they think that their method of saving is the best way. You’ll never change their mind unless something tragic happens to their money.

The difference between you and them is that you’re here seeking the financial advice that could set you up for a stable and wealthy retirement.

You’ve already taken the first step by allowing me to guide you in the right direction, and this method couldn’t be any simpler.

It all involves LEGAL Swiss bank accounts.

I don’t want to scare you away by mentioning Swiss bank accounts, but just give me a second to explain it.

Swiss bank accounts have caught a bad rep in the past, and that’s because of the illegal activities that they’ve been associated with.

For a long time, Swiss bank accounts were used by U.S. citizens for tax evasion. The reason for that is because the laws in Switzerland prohibited the bankers from disclosing any information about their clients or their bank accounts.

The rules have changed a little bit, but there’s still some major legal loopholes that’ll ensure the growth of your retirement fund.

No, you’re not going to be siphoning American money like Jordan Belfort and become the new Wolf of Wall Street—you could become as rich as him though.

This is all completely legal, and your money will still be taxed.

So, you’re probably thinking: what’s the point of a Swiss bank account if I’m taxed the same and I can keep all my money in America?

The answer to that is currency diversification.

While currency diversification can be executed through many different ways, the Swiss banking system exposes your money to Switzerland’s economic structure, which is consistently one of the most stable in the world.

While I’m not implying by any means that your retirement fund is going to grow through tax evasion, it will benefit from a different kind of evasion.

I call it debt evasion. It’s completely legal, because you’re simply playing the system.

The way you achieve this debt evasion, which works two-fold by growing your money at the same time, is by avoiding any U.S. economic downfall. This includes market corrections, inflation, or any other type of U.S. economic crises.

Of course, all these things can happen to any country, but like I said, Switzerland’s economy has been one of the most stable global economies for quite some time.

They achieve this stability through their small size, their focus on long-term and short-term monetary policies, and the strength of their currency: the Swiss Franc. They don’t use the popular Euro, which relies on over 20 different economies for stability.

I’m not suggesting that you compile your whole retirement into your Swiss bank account, but I would definitely suggest at least 50% of it.

In today’s fast-paced economically changing world, your best way to achieving the retirement you desire is by protecting your money in every way you can.

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