Secret form pays for your dream home

Jim_SamsonPicture your dream home; we all have one.

It’s something you see yourself in with your family, living in luxury as you watch your kids grow up.

Not many people will tell you that they’ve been able to turn this dream into a reality, but I have. What was my secret to achieving this goal?

It was through real estate, and it wasn’t hard at all. I didn’t even have to own any of the houses I invested in, and it was all because of a special document I found.

This document slipped out of the hands of the rich and into my pocket, and I want to show you how you can use this document to achieve that dream home you’ve always desired.

There’s two big misconceptions when it comes to real estate: either people think it’s too hard to jump into without any serious research and education, so they miss out on massive opportunities that would drastically better their life, or they think it’s so easy, so they take all their hard-earned savings and buy a property that they think will be profitable.

They both couldn’t be more wrong. While it is difficult to jump into real estate without any education, it doesn’t take as much time and effort as you’d think, but it definitely requires some motivation and a little bit of patience.

Before I understood the potential profit from a single deal in real estate, I didn’t have any motivation to jump into it. I had enough cash to invest, but I didn’t know it.

That’s because it virtually takes nothing to get started in real estate as long as you know where to look.

Your venture into real estate success starts with looking for your dream house. It doesn’t have to be on the market, and you’re not going to buy it and flip it for a quick profit. You are, however, going to find your motivation through this method.

Finding your dream home in the real world adds a physical value to your goal. You may end up realizing that you can afford something bigger after your real estate success. But at least for now, picture yourself in this beautiful home.

Once you’ve given yourself this physical, real world goal, start looking for properties that could be potential investments. These properties have to be for sale, although you’re never going to own any of them; you’re just going to be using these special documents.

These documents are where you’ll be making the money that’ll put you and your family in your dream home.

The documents I’m talking about are called real estate purchase options, and basically they’re contracts between the buyer and seller that state a set price and a time frame for how long the buyer has to purchase the house at that price.

Usually the time frame will be 6 months, but the longer the time, the more expensive the contract.

So, like I said, you’ll never actually be purchasing the house, these contracts are simply your ticket to wealth.

Once you purchase the contract for the house, your next step will be to find a buyer who’s willing to pay more for the house than what’s stated on the contract.

This won’t be hard at all if your timing is right, as the housing market fluctuates frequently. You just need to purchase the contract when the market is starting to gain upward momentum.

To put it into hypothetical terms, you find a house that’s selling for $100,000 in an up-and-coming neighborhood and you’ve noticed that the housing market is down, but there’s been signs of an upturn.

You agree on a 6-month contract to buy the house for $100,000. This shouldn’t cost you any more than $5,000 which you can easily loan from the bank and pay off when you profit from the contract.

After 3 months, the housing market has risen and you find a buyer that’s willing to pay $150,000 for the house.

Now you’re probably starting to see how this all works out.

The new buyer pays $150,000 for the house and you’ve just sold that $5,000 contract for $50,000, because the contract requires that the seller sell the house for the original agreed price—$100,000 in this case.

After you pay back the $5,000 loan, you’ve made a quick profit of $45,000. That’s an 800% profit in 3 months—not bad at all.

While these figures are hypothetical, they’re certainly not unrealistic.

Deals like this happen all the time. It’s why real estate is so popular amongst those who understand little loopholes like this.

And if you decide to do this with more expensive houses, the profits become unfathomable.

After a few deals like this one, you’ll be sitting in your dream home in no time.

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