The simple way the rich get rich

Jim_SamsonFor people who never become “wealthy”, I can split them into 2 categories:

1. People who don’t believe it’s possible, and

2. People who just don’t know how

Unfortunately, I can’t help you if you’re part of the first group. However, if you’re already a Midas Legacy member, odds are that’s not the case.

So if you believe you CAN become wealthy but you just don’t know the path to get there, read this simple truth about how rich people get rich that can change the way you look at just about everything…

You CAN become rich. The first step is believing that you can, and then all you have to do from there is follow the clear path that many others have already taken.

I know this because I’ve taken that path. And I certainly didn’t start with money – I earned it by following in the footsteps of others who became rich.

All it takes is understanding 2 things…

1. Build assets and limit liabilities

It seems like a simple, common sense idea, but very few people actually do it. An asset is something that brings in money by making your money work for you. A liability is something that takes up your money and doesn’t earn you any.

Many people believe their house is there biggest asset, but really it’s a liability. Unless you’re renting out rooms or finding another way for it to earn you an income, your house that you paid thousands and thousands of dollars for is just sitting there.

An asset could be an apartment building you purchase and rent out – that rent money is income, which means the building is an asset.

2. Build multiple income streams

If you know what an asset is, all you have to do is starting adding as many as you can. Those can each become an income stream that all flood into your bank account consistently.

For me, other than my more traditional job, I’ve added income streams through real estate, stock market investing, and even royalties from writing a book.

I’m not telling you this to brag, but rather to show you that I know what I’m talking about, as well as show you that it CAN happen. I didn’t start with some huge trust fund that set me on my path. I found my own way by utilizing these two simple ideas, and I’ve made millions.

Now it’s your turn…

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