Simple secret takes you from zero to millions

There’s a lot of things to worry about when starting a business, but ultimately there’s only 1 simple secret that’ll sky-rocket your business from nothing…

The most successful businesses still use this simple secret to this day and they’d tell you they wouldn’t be where they are today without it.

You don’t need to know a single other thing about business once you understand the power behind this simple secret…

Think about the most important aspect of a business…

What do you think that aspect is?

Product pricing? Quality?

I’ll tell you now that both of those are wrong.

Let’s pretend you have a burger shop… if I could grant you one wish as the owner of that shop, what would you wish for?

Many people I ask that question to tell me they’d like the best burgers, the best buns, or top-of-the-line employees… but those answers couldn’t be any further from the correct one.

The answer you should have is a crowd of starving customers…

If you had that, your burgers, buns, and employees could all be average, because those starving customers are going to buy your burgers no matter what.

So, what if you’re not looking to open a burger shop? And, realistically, what if you can’t just wish for a crowd of starving people?

The answers to those questions are simple… you create the demand for your product and this technique carries across all different types of industries.

So, how exactly do you create this demand?

That’s where the simple secret behind every successful business comes into play…

What is that secret, you ask?

It’s accountable marketing.

Now, please don’t let your eyes glaze over here as I explain this. It’s an extremely simple concept.

Before you start thinking about any future businesses you’d like to start, you need to understand how powerful this tool actually is.

So, you understand what marketing is, right?

It’s basically the entire scope of the advertising you’d be doing for your company/product.

This could include: mail marketing, email marketing, newspaper advertisements, website ads, etc.

The reason we want to make these accountable is because we want to know what’s working and what’s not working.

That’s the beauty of this…

Let’s say you put out a newspaper ad and you’re selling a book:

You can have ads created that offer the book with two different jackets. Give each ad its own unique domain and you can see how many hits each website is getting.

You’d want to test this out a few times using the same two ads, and the website with the highest hits/orders is indicative of the more favorable jacket.

You’ve been able to see which ad was accountable for the most sales and can now put all your marketing energy and money into the one that worked the best.

Does that make sense?

You can use this same technique to test out different prices, ad wording, placement, etc.… There’s no limit to what you should be testing here, but make sure each test you do is only changing one variable.

If you switch too many things up in each ad, you won’t be able to determine which factor of each ad is making you sales or slowing you down.

I use accountable marketing in all my businesses and it allows me to cut costs and pinpoint those customers that are starving for my product.

Too many businesses fail because they don’t test what works and what doesn’t.

So, there you have it: The secret to any successful business lies in the use of accountable marketing.

Understanding this simple secret will take you from zero to millions if you use it correctly.

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