Simple switch unlocks your next real estate payday

Jim_SamsonThe newest wave of homebuyers is a picky bunch. They’re very attentive to detail, but most people don’t understand how simplistic they actually are.

I’ve done a lot of research on the millennial generation, because they’re the market I’m aiming to sell to, and I want to let you in on the wealth of information I’ve collected during my study.

Real estate isn’t all about the house you’re selling; in fact, the buyer is more important than anything—without a buyer, you make no money.

That’s why I study the type of buyer, and cater my properties to their needs. It’s a real estate treasure chest and I want to give you the key…

I tend to talk a lot about the millennial generation in these Real Estate Riches articles, and there’s a good reason for that.

They’re the ones that are going to be buying from you. Of course there’ll be some older generations shopping around, but the millennials are fresh out of rented apartments, and are entering the housing market.

I’d be stupid not to consider their needs.

If I was selling food, I’d find out what the patrons want to eat; if I was selling clothes, I’d find out what the shoppers want to wear; if I was selling sports equipment, I’d find out what sport the customers are playing.

It’s no different with housing. Guessing what your customer wants is like trying to win the lottery— you’ll be wrong almost all the time.

Why would I guess what the homebuyers want when I can figure it out with a simple technique?

And, since there’s no generation more outspoken than the millennials, all I have to do is listen.

I’ve incorporated many successful real estate techniques this way, but there’s one that stands out to almost all new home-buyers: solar power.

Millennials will do anything to do their part in helping the world environmentally, and it’s up to you to make a profit off that.

It sounds a little shady at first, but you’re simply giving them exactly what they want, while getting a leg-up on your competition.

It doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re going to overcharge them or rip them off, you’ll just be attracting more potential buyers and the value of—and the desire for—your property will increase.

There are some simple ways you can incorporate solar power into your properties that’ll increase their value and millennial appeal.

For example, Elon Musk’s Solar City is a great company that covers all your solar needs from the ground up.

They specialize in solar products that have a sleek and trendy look, like their new solar roofs—these roofs sidestep the bulky solar panel look by making the solar panels look like roof shingles.

Other options include solar powered pool heating. While this isn’t as appealing as the solar powered roof, it’s a little added incentive for the millennial if they enjoy swimming in cooler months and would like to save on standard pool heating costs.

There are other benefits from solar powering your properties, like the 30% tax credit you’re able to claim for transforming your house into a self-sufficient power source. This can also be used as a selling point, if needed.

This is just one way you’re able to reach out to the millennial market of homebuyers, which is growing at a very rapid pace.

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