Squeezes the big banks for part of their profits

Do you know how much money the big banks make each year?

JP Morgan reported a net income of $48.3 billion, Bank of America reported $26.5 billion, and Wells Fargo reported $19.1 billion.

It’s time to stop sitting there dumbfounded about these numbers and start riding their coattails for a slice of their profits…

If you’ve got a lump sum of money sitting in a retirement or savings account, you might want to consider shifting it so you can take advantage of these less common—but highly profitable—retirement investments.

Today, you’re going learn how to take advantage of all the money left behind by the big banks.

Considering the fund manager for your retirement account is getting you a measly return each year, you’ll probably be intrigued when I tell you that my method could be getting you much, much more each year.

More specifically, if you would’ve invested in JPMorgan, you would’ve seen a return of 21% per year over the past 5 years; if you would’ve invested in Bank of America, you would’ve seen a return of 12% per year in the same time period; and if you would’ve invested in Wells Fargo, you would’ve seen a return of 9.4% per year during the same time.

Investing in all three would’ve obviously given you even bigger returns.

But how is it that these big banks are your ride to early retirement?

It’s because they’re protected by government regulations.

As the American economy grows, these banks grow significantly, and you could take advantage of their growth by taking your own profit.

I am by no means saying that you should walk into these banks and use their investment funds. If you did this, you’d be liable to pay them for the “difficult” transactions they make with your money.

The only way to see the profits that’ll carry you to your early retirement is by investing in these banks yourself.

Their funds may promise 3% or more of a return, but they certainly don’t reach anywhere near 21%.

Your next question for me is probably this: If investing in these banks provides such a high return, why isn’t everyone doing it?

The simple answer to that is: skepticism.

I’m going to need you to keep an open mind when I say this, but you’re going to have to go through the stock market to see these gains. BUT, like I said, the government regulations will ensure that these big banks continue to grow.

The people who are skeptical of these investments through the stock market are the same people who’ll be gathering change together when you’re counting your big, fat retirement payout.

Investing in these big banks could see your retirement come 10 or 15 years early. Wouldn’t that be nice?

So, if you can step past this skepticism, and allow yourself a chance of reaping these 21%, 12%, and 9.4% gains, you should keep an eye on JPMorgan (stock ticker: JPM), Bank of America (stock ticker: BAC), and Wells Fargo (stock ticker: WFC).

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