Standard kitchen ingredient keeps you healthy

MarkedwardsYour immune system is the most important mechanism of defense in your body. Any time you get sick, your immune system is fighting off the bacteria and attempting to restore you to full health.

Your immune system is taking care of you, but why aren’t you taking care of it?

You probably use this kitchen ingredient every other day without knowing that it can strengthen your immune system like nothing else.

I use this cheap and effective method, and I can’t remember the last time I got sick…

I’m always looking for new natural ingredients that’ll help my body fight off cold and flu bacteria.

Being sick is the worst, but I’ve found this natural cure that strengthens your immune system, and heavily reduces the chances of you getting sick.

Next time you go to the grocery store for some cold and flu medicine, I recommend that you pass right by the pharmacy and head straight toward the produce isle, because the best remedy for your depleted immune system is garlic.

That’s right, studies show that garlic gives your immune system an amazing boost that it so badly needs.

More specifically, garlic cloves contain an active ingredient called allicin, which is a product of alliin.

When crushed or chewed, alliin releases immune boosting molecules that strengthen the good bacteria, while obliterating the bad.

Prescription antibiotics tend to kill bad bacteria, but they take a toll on good bacteria at the same time, making you even more susceptible to germs.

By eating crushed garlic cloves 3 times a day, your immune system will become much stronger. Expert’s even recommend mixing the crushed garlic with red wine in order to help extract the active ingredients while lessening any aches or pains.

The strong stench that comes from certain molecules in the garlic acts as a direct germ killer.

In thorough studies, garlic, noted as an immune modifier that maintains the homeostasis of immune functions, has been proven to cut recovery time in half, when compared to your prescription antibiotics.

Garlic has made a big name for itself by becoming folklore’s biggest deterrent of vampires, but there’s some truth in the myth—if we switch vampires out for germs.

By introducing garlic directly into your immune system through consumption of crushed up cloves, getting sick will become a rarity, and your recovery time when you are sick will be cut in half.

So, next time you’re out shopping for ingredients for your garlic parmesan pasta recipe, double up on the garlic cloves—you’ll be needing them.

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