Start this lucrative business in 7 steps

Jim_SamsonLook at your calendar – 2016 is right around the corner.

And every year that passes by, it seems like we get twice as busy as the year before. Sure, some of that is just perception, but there’s definitely truth in the sentiment that we’re busier than ever. That’s a problem.

And where there’s a problem, there’s an opportunity for YOU to get rich while you solve it. Here’s how you could start a business to do just that in only 7 steps…

With fuller schedules that seem to almost remove hours from the day, people are now willing to pay for things they never would have considered paying for 20 years ago.

That’s why a surging type of business – one set to thrive in 2016 – is errand-running.

Despite the fact that people are now working longer hours and trying to fit more into their schedules, everyone still needs to go grocery shopping, run to the post office, pick up household supplies, etc.

That’s where your new business can come in. And here’s how to start that business in just 7 steps…

1. Check with your local administration office to make sure you can start this business from home, or if you’ll need to make a slight adjustment to be able to get started.

2. Create a workspace in your home. A spare bedroom would be perfect. Add a desk and whatever other supplies you personally need to stay organized and efficient.

3. Get a vendor’s license.

4. Find your potential market – think about whom you can provide errand-running services for. In addition to busy parents and businesspeople, think about elderly folks who may be more than willing to pay you to run their errands for them.

5. Create a website for your business with your contact details and services provided. Add testimonials to your site as you get them. Make sure you post rates and a note that they vary if they do.

6. Market your business. Now it’s time to use everything you can – business cards, flyers on bulletin boards and delivered to office buildings, ads in local newspapers, signs outside of local grocery stores and malls, etc. Ask people to visit your website.

7. Create and organize a schedule to complete your jobs in the most efficient manner possible. This will allow you to take on more clients as you grow.

After that, you’re errand-running business will be good to go. The only things left to do would be to make sure you maintain a great level of service, keep your clients happy, and think about hiring on help as the workload increases!

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