Stepping stones to success

You’ve decided to have more, to do more, to be more, whatever it is, you’re moving towards a better life. Well done. But have you noticed how, as soon as you move out of what’s familiar, you feel an inexplicable resistance? It’s as though there’s a physical pressure in your head.

That’s normal. It’s your first test of faith. You’re passing the gates to a richer life and the guards of the City of Normality are glaring at you, asking, “Where do you think you are going?!”

Here’s how to pass this first and crucial test…

Dreams and desires can be overwhelming. Even if you’ve meticulously calculated exactly what your goal is and when you aim to have reached it by, you’re still standing at Point A, and you need to get to Point B. Perhaps you’ve purchased a number of things that will help you on your journey, weapons to fight the good fight, new skills to learn. It’s all good.

So what’s stopping you? In short, your brain. Your brain is a muscle, and like those first few press ups of a new fitness regime, it hurts to build new muscle. To build muscle you literally damage tissue in order for it to rebuild, stronger.

So what’s the answer?

As the Chinese proverb goes, “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.”

The trick is to create stepping stones between your Point A and your Point B, and your first stepping stone must be an easy one to make, make that stone close to the river bank, to lower this natural resistance to getting started.

I find an easy first stepping stone is to PLAN. Take stock of all the things you need to do, write it down, and estimate how much time each thing on the list will take. Then plot it all on a day to day plan, and COMMIT to it. This is a powerful first stepping stone because it’s sending a message to your brain that you mean business and to expect some pain.

Another strategy is to cherry-pick opportunities. There’s nothing noble about hard work; your goal is simply to reach your financial goal as quickly and easily as possible. If you have to choose a moneymaking method to get you off the ground quickly, choose a partnership program or joint ventures or affiliate programs or network marketing. There is less resistance here because you’re simply going with the flow of something that’s already working and you don’t usually have to learn too many new things.

As the saying goes, “You aren’t lost; you’re just early in the process.” And better to be early to the party than to not even show up.

Feel the resistance and take that first step anyway, taking all that mental baggage along for the ride.

Breathe. You can do it. And you WILL do it.


P.S. I occasionally release some places to our very own partnership program called The Midas Royalty, and I have a few places left for this release. Make it easy on yourself by lowering resistance, and I’ve made this super easy.

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