Do YOU have the ‘success gene’?

Jim_SamsonSome call it the ‘success gene’ while others call it the ‘It factor’ or some other arbitrary term.

The name doesn’t matter. What does matter is knowing whether or not you have it, and understanding how to get it if you don’t.

The ‘success gene’ could be the difference between enjoying the journey toward retirement and laboring to get there.

So, do you have it? Are you missing a piece? Are you ready to get it? Let’s find out…

Success has a unique definition for pretty much everyone, but for the most part they encompass similar aspects: professional and financial accomplishments, personal satisfaction, etc.

But if we dig down into what really makes up a successful person, there are a few things that virtually each one has…

1. Goals over dreams

Successful people and unsuccessful people often think about the same things…making significant money, being able to buy the perfect house or car, etc.

However, the successful person views these things as goals and uses them as motivation. The unsuccessful person views these as dreams that they don’t have a legitimate shot at reaching.

2. Excuses or Barriers?

Along the same lines, unsuccessful people are always looking for a reason to NOT chase after wealth or achievements. They see an obstacle in the way and say, ‘See, I want to do this but I just can’t because of that obstacle.”

The successful person sees that obstacle as a barrier that needs to be overcome on the way to his or her goals.

This may not seem significant, but it’s amazing how big of a difference this makes. Try to examine yourself closely to see how you react when the next obstacle pops up in your way.

3. Risk isn’t crippling

There’s no denying that risk is a big part of anyone’s success. The trick for successful people is to understand how to manage that risk without letting it cripple them.

I don’t mean that fear is intolerable. But realizing the risk, accepting it, and continuing to move forward despite that risk is a requirement.

4. Can ask for help

One thing that becomes painfully apparent to anyone who starts their own business or chases their version of success is that help will be needed. The successful person is OK with asking for that helping and getting it from the right people, even if he or she doesn’t enjoy asking for it.

The unsuccessful person views asking for help as a weakness, and scares themselves off from asking for it.

Luckily for you, The Midas Legacy is here to be that help you need. Whether it’s for information or actual business blueprints that are set up and ready to go, like my favorite one: Midas Circle (which is coming soon), use The Midas Legacy as much as possible to at least get started on your path to success.

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  1. Jerry Linn Gerber

    Thank you for all of your help to achive the goals that I have. I want to build an empire for the good and righteous. This will be my destiny.


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