Sure-fire strategies for your real estate riches

Having real estate in your portfolio is a good idea… but just like stocks, it’s important to know what real estate to have in your portfolio.

The difference between a double- or triple-digit winner and a loser can be shored up by taking some simple steps to increase your odds of a winner.

Well, while the following strategies may seem obvious, it’s the difference of a next-to-zero gain or 100% profits. Or to say the least, generate NOTHING or HUNDREDS a month.

So how do you get into up-and-coming real estate before it takes off?

Let me tell you.

Through my experience I’ve realized that the following signs are worthy indicators of real estate set to take off.

1. Artists and young people are flooding the area.

This may seem abstract, but there’s a simple idea behind this. Artists and young people flood areas of low cost and use their talents to beautify the neighborhood.

A prime example of this can be seen in New York City’s neighborhood of SoHo.

In 1993 the average price per square foot for a condo was $182. Today the price per square foot is north of $1,500.

So, what I’m saying is: if you bought a $182,000 property in 1993, your equity would add up to more than $1.5 million today.

2. There’s major renovation and infrastructure projects.

If a city is willing to invest money into the area, others will follow. You can stay apprised of these situations by attending town meetings.

If you pick up on this, your gains could be SUPERCHARGED.

3. Major retailers are set to open shop in the area.

These companies spend a lot of time and money researching an area before committing to a location. So, if a large retailer is headed to the neighborhood, it’s a good sign of serious growth potential.

4. The area’s location compared to a surrounding hot area.

Many times people get priced out of an area, so they look in areas just outside that share similar characteristics.

5. Look for a buyer’s market.

These markets can be found by looking in areas where property values are falling, inventories are high, and closing percentages are low.

This will ensure that your invest generates a positive return from the get go.

6. Check out the local stores.

Honestly, go into the local stores and ask if prices have been on the rise or not. If so, this is a good indicator the neighborhood is on the rise too.

7. Rent keeps on going up.

This is one of real estate’s best indicators. It shows there’s a growing demand for the area.

This will guarantee your investment is growing.

These are some of the steps I follow and believe will hand you BIG gains in your real estate ventures.

And remember: timing is KEY

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