The ancient cure-all that’s been used for 3,000 years…

Have you ever heard of a pill that can prevent cancer, boost your immunity, enrich hair growth, prevent aging, control diabetes, aid in digestion, and prevent heart disease all at once?


Probably because there isn’t one!

But even though modern science hasn’t been able to provide us with an amazing cure-all, nature has.

In India, there is a native fruit that will quite literally change your life. It can do everything that imaginary miracle pill can’t—and more!

The Indian gooseberry is nothing new to India and Southeast Asia. It’s been used as a cure-all in the East for almost 3,000 years!

And it’s no wonder why, when you look at the benefits just a few grams can provide.

Western medicine has recently picked up on the unbelievable properties of this little fruit, and several studies have proved that its powerful claims stand up to science.

The Indian gooseberry, also called amla fruit, does just about everything thanks to the plentiful and diverse nutrients it contains.

Due to phytochemicals including furosin, gallic acid, corilagin, and quercetin, eating gooseberries multiplies your white blood cell count and boosts your immunity.

Say goodbye to cold prevention medicine—all you need is a gooseberry!

The fruit also has high antioxidant levels present that can lower cholesterol and blood pressure.

The gooseberry also has the power to improve eyesight, prevent cataracts, and lower your risk of suffering from nighttime blindness thanks to the high amounts of Vitamin A and carotene it has.

Eating a few grams a day can also help regulate diabetes. In fact, on packaging for the fruit in its powdered and frozen form, there are even warnings telling diabetic patients that they may have to lower their medication levels because the fruit does the work for them!

As if that weren’t enough, Indian gooseberries are also shown to prevent aging and promote healthy, youthful skin by boosting your body’s production of collagen, which is the protein that keeps your skin happy, healthy, and tight.

In addition to all of this, these fruits are anti-inflammatory and can help reduce arthritis symptoms. They also enrich hair growth and pigmentation, which has led to their use in products that tout hair growth and anti-graying properties.

They also support digestive health, improve your liver functioning, protect against stomach ulcers, and have antibacterial properties. Studies even show that they increase brain function and memory retention!

In other words, this fruit is the miracle pill!

Now, you’re probably wondering why you haven’t heard of such a powerful natural cure.

The main reason is simple: availability.

Until recently, the amazing properties of the Indian gooseberry were not widely known. And even after western medicine verified the almost magical effects of the fruit, it did not become widely available in the west.

This is largely because of the limited environmental conditions that promote the natural growth of the plant, and the high import costs for fruit from the regions where the gooseberry is native.

However, with the advancement of globalization and modern technology, you’re in luck.

Websites like Amazon now have powdered and candied versions of the fruit in stock. You can even get a concentrated version of it in the form of a daily supplement!

Places like Walmart also stock dried, powdered, and candied versions of gooseberries, and many specialty markets will carry frozen packages of them.

Or, if you want the fresh version, you can grow your own!

If you live in a tropical or subtropical climate (which includes about two-thirds of the United States) you can likely find a nursery near you that sells gooseberry plants.

With a few plants of your own, you can have a permanent supply of your miracle fruit!

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