The golden key to your first business

A lot of new, successful business owners would attribute part of their success to luck… that’s great for them, but how are we supposed to work with that?

We can’t sit around and wait for luck to give us a good kick into a successful business.

It’s up to us to take that first stride into a life of wealth and freedom… but we’re going to need a simple tool.

That’s where this golden key comes into place… let’s use it to unlock the business kingdom in front of us.

There’s a lot of business tricks that can be put to use from the moment you start your business, but there’s one golden trick that you need to start using.

This is the golden key to your first successful business and it’s so simple to use.

Let’s say you’re selling a certain product—maybe you’ve created it; maybe it’s an affiliate marketing product you got from ClickBank.

Your main focus shouldn’t be: how much money can I get from this sale?

Instead it should be: How can I retain this customer and create a longstanding relationship with them.

The golden key I’m talking about is the simple task of collecting your customer’s email address.

Most people collect payment for the product they’re providing and never hear from that customer ever again.

The secret that’s going to put your business above the rest relies on keeping your customers engaged.

That’s why when you make a sale you need to collect an email address and permission to contact this new customer with free material and occasional product promotions.

If you’re making a physical sale, this is easy… just make space on the order form or agreement that says: email address.

If you’re looking to make an online sale you’ll need to get a tech savvy person’s help on this… but keep in mind: you want to collect that email address before the point of sale.

After you retrieve the email address, you’re going to want to remain engaged with your customer by providing them with free material once or twice a week.

This will come as a simple email related to the product you sold them.

Maybe it involves tips and tricks on how to use the product or provides news about similar products.

After gaining the trust and loyalty of your customers, you can start promoting more of your products to them.

Bear in mind: if the original product you sold them cost $20, there’s a slim chance they’re going to then buy a $1,000 product from you.

The trick to combatting this is by ramping up the costs of each product slowly.

Always keep in mind: your customers email addresses provide you with the key to your first successful business.

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