The Government WANTS to give you these grants…

Do you know there are people like you getting FREE, non-repayable grants from the Government every day?

That’s right… they’re basically getting free money and not having to pay it back.

There are so many of these grants paid out, that there’s a good chance YOU fall into one of the many categories and you just don’t know it yet.

Stop missing out on these free payouts and get the money you deserve today!

There’s nothing better than receiving money you never have to pay back.

And that’s exactly what these grants I’m talking about are…

Before we begin, it does help if you have a small business or an LLC, S-Corp, etc., but if you don’t, you should start your own LLC for your entrepreneurial endeavors. It can be as simple as YOUR NAME, LLC.

Funnel all your entrepreneurial income through your new corporation, and you’ll find that you become eligible for some of these grants.

I don’t think I need to explain to you why you should be interested, so let’s jump right into the different kinds.

Federal Small Business Grants

These grants come from the federal government and are among the biggest grants distributed year-round.

This is where you’ll find the most money. is your best bet for seeing what you qualify for.

You’ll find grants administered here from different areas of the government, like the Department of Veterans Affairs, Education, etc.

State and Regional Grants

As well as grants issued by the Federal Government, your state and regional governments also issue their fair share of grants.

You can review your opportunities with your local small business development centers.

Corporate Small Business Grants

There are plenty of opportunities offered by private entities to get your grants.

Places like the National Association for the Self Employed, LegalZoom, and Patagonia are good places to look for grants that come in various sizes and are granted for different reasons.

This list goes on.

The biggest lesson to learn is that there are grants for the taking all over the place, and YOU should be taking every opportunity to get what’s rightfully yours!

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