The Keys to Passive Property Income

There are many ways to approach real estate success…

But there’s only ONE set of keys that unlocks passive real estate success…

It’s a set of keys I’ve had in my possession for a long time, and I’m now making you a carbon copy so you can unlock that passive payday door and join me!

As easy as it sounds, jumping into profiting from rental properties comes with a few must-haves.

There are essential things like an interest in real estate, a little bit of capital, and the right information.

You’re here reading this, so I can assume you have an interest in real estate.

A little bit of capital isn’t hard to come by… especially when you consider the reward on the other end: passive income.

The right information is much harder to obtain. Sure, you can find information on real estate anywhere, but I need to stress that it must be the right information.

That’s why I’m here.

You may have heard me mention it, but I once did a single real estate deal that profited over $1 million… but more on that another time.

What I want to do now is provide you with the keys to passive property income

and send you on your way.

These keys comprise of 3 essentials pieces…

More specifically, I’m talking about 3 people who are critical to your hands-free income.

You need to recruit a lawyer, a tax professional, and a banker.

With these 3 types of people in your network, you’ll have the keys to passive property income I’ve been talking about.

Let’s run through each of them…

The Lawyer

The first component in these 3 keys is a lawyer. You’ll need a lawyer on your side for many reasons, but most importantly, the lawyer will be able to save you from any expensive litigation.

Making sure that your contract with your tenants is airtight will be his number one focus.

If your contract is airtight, you should have no problem with any real litigation issues.

The Tax Professional

This will save you a big headache when Tax Day rolls around.

Taxes can be a pain in general … adding property tax and capital gains tax onto that is something you’ll want to avoid.

Recruiting a tax professional on your team will give you added assurance that you won’t do anything to get yourself in any trouble with the IRS.

This tax professional will also help you with any lucrative tax loopholes you may qualify for.

The Banker

Having a banker on your team will give you a sharp edge when you’re applying for mortgages.

This banker will be able to get you the best rates possible while filling you in on other financial matters.

It takes a lot of financial management to successfully own and operate rental properties… having a banker on hand will help automate this.

Having these 3 keys will help automate your passive property income.

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