The new way to retire happy

Retirement is changing and you must get on board before it’s too late.

The traditional way of retiring has run its course and is no longer as relevant as it was 30 to 40 years ago.

Think about how crazy real estate, the stock market, and banks are these dates. Interest rates are through the roof but so are stocks and housing.

I don’t think we’ve ever seen a time quite like this, but people still think they can retire the way their parents and grandparents did…

The people sticking to that format will be doomed. Here’s the new way to retire happy…

I want to break retirement down into steps as, like I said, there’s no longer that straight line to retirement that your parents followed.

We’ll start with the BIG question of social security.

Each and every day, it seems social security becomes less and less stable. The social security system our parents and grandparents were able to enjoy simply isn’t the same for us.

We must take our futures into our own hands and make sure we earn the life we want to have in retirement.

Next let’s touch on the retirement age.

We grew up thinking we would one day retire at 65.

But that’s no longer the case for the most people. People are working through their late 60s, and some into their 70s. But what I’m really getting at is looking at the retirement age differently. You have options, like these:

You could consider a phased retirement…

You don’t have to quit working all at once. One option is to gradually cut back on your work hours. And this does two things for you – it allows you to keep earning money for more years, and it also helps you stay active and purposeful.

You could consider a retirement job…

One thing many retirees are now considering is finishing their primary careers and finding a new gig in retirement. Many times, this is a part-time job, but the objective is to find purpose in something you enjoy doing.

You could consider a mini retirement…

This isn’t for everyone, but one thing a select amount of people are choosing to do is taking multiple “mini retirements” throughout their lives instead of working 99% of the time until 65. The idea here is to take 4-month retirements every couple of years in which you can travel, visit family, recharge, etc. Obviously, this requires a job that allows for this type of lifestyle, but it’s a very appealing way to look at retirement.

Now let’s talk about savings…

One thing I hope being a member of The Midas Legacy changes for you is how you decide to save for retirement.

In my brutally honest opinion, gone are the days of handing my money over to a mutual fund manager or some other “professional” who is going to invest my money in the stock market for pathetic returns, or worse – I’m sure you remember losing plenty of money in 2008 from those “experts”.

That’s why you should consider saving differently. I’m talking investing in stocks yourself by utilizing the right resources or learning to do it yourself with things like our Code Breaker course.

The point is that you need to take it upon yourself to grow your money, which is why you’re probably here in the first place.

So, make sure you’re taking full advantage of the resources The Midas Legacy provides.

And remember… times are changing. That means retiring is changing too. Retire happy with the right resources and make sure you keep yourself informed with all we have to offer.

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