The newest scam aimed at you

Jim_SamsonIt’s no revelation that there are always people in the world trying to take advantage of others just to make a few bucks.

But the trouble is that as soon as you learn about one scam and how to protect yourself from it, a brand new one already has its sights set on you.

That’s where we come in. A big part of The Midas Legacy’s job is to alert you to the next rip-off, and we’ve just discovered one that’s snaking its way around the Internet right now…

The biggest problem with this new scam is that it tries to disguise itself as something that’s actually helping you. But in reality all it’s doing is using defamation and self-interest to try and sell something!

The scam I’m talking about is review sites.

Here’s a quick breakdown of what a scam review site might look like based on a review of, let’s say, a real estate investing manual from Company XYZ…

  • Name of the site: Review of Company XYZ’s real estate manual – Is it a scam?
  • When you click on that website and go to the page, it may begin with the illegal use of an image taken from Company XYZ’s legitimate website.
  • Then the scam review site will include some basic facts about the real estate manual, and use defamation to make it look bad. Plus, the author usually even admits to only reading the first chapter or a few pages! How can you properly review something you haven’t completed?
  • Next, the author will give Company XYZ’s manual a rating, which will inevitably be a low score, such as 2/10 or 1 star out of five.
  • And finally, after defaming the legitimate product from Company XYZ, the review site scammer will introduce a product that he or she is selling!

At this point it becomes apparent that the entire “review” is nothing more than a pathetic attempt to sell something for a quick buck, and the scammer believes he or she can do so by tricking YOU into believing the garbage they’re spouting.

The scammer’s idea is to blindly defame someone else’s product so that he or she can insert a link to his or her own product (or one he or she will gain commission on).

And that’s not even the worst part…

There are now new “systems” being created that actually teach people how to put these review site scams together! Disgusting, isn’t it?

It’s a shame that you have to always be alert to snakes like this slithering around the Internet, but I’m afraid this sort of thing will never stop.

Companies like ours are now taking a stand against these scammers by using legal action to protect the consumer by hopefully removing review sites that are clearly scams.

But while this battle takes place, be sure to protect yourself from these pathetic review site scammers.

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